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Wavetec helps Codelco provide a safer working environment for its stakeholders through a state of the art LED Display Solution

CODELCO (Corporación Nacional del Cobre de Chile) is the Chilean state owned copper mining company which was formed in 1976. It is the largest copper producing company in the world and produced 1.735 million tons in 2011 which is 11% of the world copper! It owns the world’s largest known copper reserves and resources and has about 20% of world reserves of copper. At the rate of exploration and the necessary investments, CODELCO may maintain its production for at least another 70 years. Its efforts have brought it to being one of the biggest companies in Chile at the moment and it keeps on growing bigger and bigger! The Problem In 2010, the Chilean Mining Accident got a lot of coverage due to the historic 70 day survival of 33 men who were stuck in a mine. All these 33 men made it outside safe and sound without any major injuries after massive investments from the Chilean Government, the owners of the mine many Multi National Companies. People across the world watched the live rescue mission and were delighted to see everyone making it out of the mine safe and sound. Without doubt the event got a great response, but it put a question on the Safety Measures that were being taken by the Mining Industry in Chile. After the event, the government made sure to increase the safety measures by each mining company. CODELCO being the world’s largest mining company had to maintain its reputation and didn’t want to leave a brick untouched in ensuring security and safety for its employees and subcontractors.The company wanted to display number of safety messages which would help employees during their work hours and which would enable them to understand what needs to be done according to situations.

What was needed What CODELCO needed was an Information Display Solution which was to be put in a central location so no one would miss out on it. A digital display was a wiser alternative since information needed to be changed often and it serves also to show safety standards and warnings to employees and subcontractors. According to different situations, a site could go from safe to dangerous within seconds and the employees needed to be informed about this without any delay (like UV radiation levels, danger of landslides, etc). CODELCO not only wanted to display a number of safety messages, but also wanted to be able to greet and wish their employees which would help them create a friendlier environment. A digital display solution was what could address all these issues in one. CODELCO needed a solution that was prepared to work in desert’s harsh conditions (dusty environment, direct sunbeam on sunset, hot temperature during day and low during night, etc). Why was Wavetec’s Solution Required With the image that CODELCO has, it couldn’t compromise on quality or risk the lives of its employees. The displays needed to be reliable and them breaking down at a crucial time was not an option. Wavetec having provided solutions to almost 16 Stock Exchanges and proving to be the leaders in the Financial Display Solutions where millions of dollars exchanges could be lost due to a second’s disturbance was definitely the most reliable choice. With that said, Wavetec’s reliability wasn’t the only reason why it was selected. Wavetec’s display solutions come along with a Content Management Software which helps the user plan out the display in the best possible manner. It enables you to switch between images with a simple click and allows you to display what you want, whenever you want to. Also, considering Wavetec’s experience in providing products for harsh conditions in the Middle East (dust, high temperatures, direct sunbeam, etc.) and CODELCO’s reputation, it was only wise to go ahead with the most reliable choice and so no chances were taken!

What Wavetec Offered It is difficult to be spot on with every project, but Wavetec does just that every single time. CODELCO was provided with a 4x2m. Pixel outdoor LED Display. The pitch was kept 12mm with an aluminum cabinet and it was installed at a central location so that everyone could see it. With the high display resolution it easily became a center of attention and allowed CODELCO to communicate with its employees, which not only helped enhance their security but also created a friendly environment for its workers by being able to greet them every morning in a different way or by wishing them on special occasions. Along with the Display Solution a Content Management Software was provided which fulfilled CODELCO’s need of quickly being able to change what was being displayed. With the latest display system installed at CODELCO, it’s proving a friendly environment for its employees which match with its image of being the biggest company in Chile.