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Leaders in Financial Market

Deployed in over 30 stock & commodity exchanges around the world

Being a financial display specialist firm, Wavetec has a wide breadth of expertise, and far reaching solutions to cater to a myriad of financial institutions to help them revamp their outlook and redefine how they present financial information to their customers.

Financial Market
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High-End Financial Displays

Unmatched Global leader of Stock Tickers and Financial Displays

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Access to real-time information has become a necessity in today’s financial industry as it aids in timely decision making. Having reliable video displays, and scrolling tickers integrated with back-end central data storage, is important to ensure the transparency of financial data dissemination and to uphold trading activities. Financial markets displays, both indoor and outdoor, add extra value by promoting available facilities to the general public and to institutions at large.


Effectively disseminate financial data


Creates brand awareness


Communicate news in real-time


Diversify revenue sources

Financial Market Displays

Expect rich media displays, informative LED visuals and visitor guidance-oriented technological initiatives that occupy and inform customers when they arrive, while they wait, as they approach the service area and after they have been served – the complete visual journey companion!


Information Video Wall

Wavetec offers video wall solutions that are designed to meet the requirements of technological sustainability in demanding environments


Information Display System

We equip our customers with the powerful, high quality Donatello Suite solution as a capable content management software


Stock and News Ticker

Wavetec Stock & News LED Tickers are designed with special hardware components to facilitate a smooth content scroll


Stock Game

Stock Game is a virtual and educational stock market simulation game linked to a live stock exchange feed

Project Management

Backed by state-of-the-art software and hardware, Wavetec takes pride in being a project management consulting firm that helps businesses succeed in areas where others are likely to have trouble. Wavetec offers comprehensive support at every stage and with the experience of engineering and construction projects in the financial sector, we head the industry in LED display solutions.

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LED Display Solutions

Wavetec offers a complete range of display solutions which are ideal for advertising,retail and branding. HD Series, PRO Series and Prime Series are premium product lines offering solutions for both Indoor LED and Outdoor LED displaying applications.

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Wavetec offers a complete range of display solutions, ideal for advertising, retail and branding. HD Series, PRO Series and Prime Series are premium product lines offering solutions for both Indoor LED and Outdoor LED displaying applications.