Dynamic content and integrated digital display system

Donatello Vertica maximizes impact of your content at key customer touchpoints. The free standing signage solution is an all-in-one 40” display with a sleek and slim design for a multitude of indoor and semi-outdoor environments.

Full HD Videos and Images


Integration Services Tool

Array of Canvas templates

Video Camera and Analytics

Maximize the Impact of Digital Signage

Vertica seamlessly and effectively manages your digital signage content helping you better promote, target and deliver media rich experiences to your end consumers. This dynamic solution engages your customers with an impact and conveys rich media content, which is branded and tailored across all display screens.

Donatello Vertica is great for attracting customers’ attention in busy, high-traffic areas. The sleek display has a scratch-proof tempered glass faceplate for added durability and comes with two screen variations, touchscreen and passive for a wide array of applications.

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Wavetec offers a comprehensive turn-key digital signage solution which includes:

  • Hardware and Software
  • Standard or custom designed branding
  • Content management Software
  • Screen content design services
  • On-site installation and maintenance

Entertain and reach out to your customers with engaging video and imagery, using Donatello Vertica, that has a powerful HD super clear color display offering wide viewing angles capability. Create extravagant customer experience with vivid colors and consistent brightness from any viewing angle as steep as 170 degrees.

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Discover More about Donatello Vertica

We have wide ranging expertise in display solutions to help you create highly interactive media experiences and empower you a step further with your digital signage. Find out more about Donatello Vertica, its key features, and technical specifications.

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Content Management and Industry Applications

Donatello Vertica is an exceptionally well-designed free-standing digital signage solution that caters to limitless applications, and changes the way you interact with your customers. Especially built for amazing front screen performance, an interactive digital signage is ideal for use in locations with high customer footfall.

Donatello Suite – Wavetec’s digital signage software allows you to create dynamic, customized canvases with rich text and graphics. This impressive free-standing digital signage solution is designed for multi-purpose industry applications such as way finding, advertising, information displaying in lobby and waiting areas. Our incredibly versatile media rich signage solution is a perfect fit for corporate, education, healthcare, retail, hotel and leisure environments.

Why Wavetec Donatello Digital Signage?

Selecting the right digital signage partner has a direct impact on your business bottom-line. Our signage solutions combine the highest quality displays, signage player and software offering unparalleled performance and customer experience.

Contact Wavetec’s display solutions team for customized support on larger projects.

Benefits & Features

High impact Donatello Vertica possesses brilliant features and offers outstanding benefits to users to drive profitability.

  • Flexible template design and scheduling
  • Centralized real-time updates from one location
  • RSS Feeds, Financial Tickers, Weather & Time for customer engagement
  • Integration Services Tool for seamless integration
  • Variety of custom designed templates for different messages
  • Alert Notifications
  • Plug & Play Device for enhanced convenience
  • Live TV Streaming for targeted messaging
  • 40” high definition LCD with energy saving mechanism

When placed at key positions, the premium Donatello Vertica is an ideal signage tools to attract customer attention with adaptable content and eye-catching displays.

Digital Signage Solutions

Donatello Media Player

A state of the art fusion of hardware and software, Donatello is Wavetec’s dynamic digital signage player that allows businesses to create dynamic screen layouts and HD signage content.

Donatello Linea

Create immersive customer experiences with Donatello Linea and leverage your retail and service space to engage and increase impulse purchases. Push up profits with brilliant merchandising displays

Donatello Suite

Wavetec’s Digital Signage Software allows you to create, centrally manages, distribute targeted dynamic content to a web of connected signage players in real-time.