Dynamic Media Player to cater to diverse signage needs

A state of the art fusion of hardware and software, Donatello Media Player is far more than just a simple media controller. Donatello Media Player offers exceptional playback technology, delivers seamless content for smooth playback, and is scalable for large networks.

Ultra HD display with 4K resolution


RSS Feeds

Centralized real-time updates

Integration services tools

Delivering impactful digital signage

For over 27 years, Wavetec has implemented digital signage systems in businesses globally.The Donatello Media Player is the key to Wavetec’s digital signage solutions, that enables businesses to create interactive media experiences to connect with customers through a brilliant network of digital displays.

The Plug n Play device is brilliantly built to simplify the use of digital signage, and incorporate different media for targeting customers with a variety of content. It is easy to to manage and upload content on the player  which can be integrated with different systems and linked to a private cloud.

donatelllo media player wavetec

Why Wavetec’s Donatello Media Player

Donatello Media Player is a turnkey technology that provides businesses with the right tools and platform through which they can communicate and share content with their target market from one central location – anytime, anywhere.

  • Plug & Play Device
  • Flexible template design & scheduling
  • Distributes content to different displays
  • Live TV Streaming
  • Currency / Forex rates, RSS Feeds, Financial Tickers, Weather & Time
  • Centralized Real Time Updates
  • Can be integrated with third party systems
  • Data can be hosted on cloud
  • Storage capacity upto 4 GB
  • Multiple Donatello’s connectivity for variety of displays
  • Change and manage content in real-time
  • High Definition Videos & Images
  • Alert Notifications

Discover More about Donatello Media Player

We have wide ranging expertise in display solutions to help you create highly interactive media experiences and empower you a step further with your digital signage. Find out more about Donatello Media Player, its key features, and technical specifications.

How Donatello Player Can Help You

Interactive digital signage attracts your customers’ attention, and achieves greater customer engagement levels for your brand.

Every Display Can be Interactive. Donatello, our proprietary media player is a flexible and easy to control device which expedites managing digital signage.

Effortlessly it gives you the facility to branch out interactive content to kiosks, digital displays, display units and much more, so that businesses like yours can connect with their viewers wherever they are.

donatello media player suite wavetec

Why Donatello Digital Signage?

Selecting the right digital signage partner has a direct impact on your business bottom-line. Our signage solutions combine the highest quality displays, signage player and software offering unparalleled performance and customer experience.

Digital Signage Solutions

Donatello Linea

Create immersive customer experiences with Donatello Linea and leverage your retail and service space to engage and increase impulse purchases. Push up profits with brilliant merchandising displays

Donatello Suite

Wavetec’s Digital Signage Software allows you to create, centrally manages, distribute targeted dynamic content to a web of connected signage players in real-time.

Donatello Vertica

Create an array of brilliant and creative media experiences with Wavetec’s free-standing, large format display-Vertica, which powered by Donatello, a state-of-the-art digital signage player