Where innovation meets excellence

Meet ViaOS An
AppStore for self service

Build and extend capabilities of self service with a private app store,
allowing remote update of capabilities at any time.

From delivering faster customer service to better quality products and efficient operations, Via OS provides enormous value for organizations that adopt them at scale to succeed in the fast-moving world of automation.

Secure from the
ground up

Hardware pinning
Natively supports hardware
verification at bootup and
application initialisation

Mutual Verification
Nusing modern, standards
compliant cryptography, both the
server and the client mutually
verify and determine trust.

Remote Support & upgrades

Eliminate site visits – securely update and run diagnostics for devices remotely.
Granular metrics and analytics, with alerting build in as standard.
securely update and run diagnostics for devices remotely.

A robust OS for

A versatile networking layer that is built for
challenging network environments, frequent
packet loss and multiple redundant connectivity

SDK Included

Android based SDK, providing a familiar development environment to
customise fully – reuse existing assets and expertise

Early Empirical Analysis.
Covid-19 Impact on Self Service