Remarkable patient experiences are a trademark of healthcare institutions that promise quality care along with smooth processes, diligent staff, and personalized attention.

We understand that patient-centric healthcare institutions operate in a sensitive mode and it is even more imperative to deliver streamlined and comfortable patient experiences.

Wavetec’s Customer Experience Solutions enable hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and laboratories to create an ordered and smooth patient journey, lower patient anxiety, enhance service quality, reduce patient waiting times, increase service efficiency, and score high on patient satisfaction.

How can our patient flow management solutions help you?

Wavetec Patient Flow Management Solutions are meticulously designed after a comprehensive study of patient
journeys at healthcare organizations. Our systems allow you a convenient and practical way to manage patient flow at
private clinics, outpatient and specialist clinics, full-service hospitals, emergency centers and medical testing labs.

Where can our solutions help you?

Queue Management Solutions

Digital Signage

Customer Feedback Solutions

opinion plus customer feedback wavetec

Patient Journey Management

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    Patient registers via online appointment system, mobile app or via self-service kiosk at the location.

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    Pre-registered patient arrives at the location and checks-in at the self-service kiosk. Walk-in customers take a ticket to enter the virtual queue.

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    Customers wait for their turn and get engaged with digital signage content while being notified about their turn.

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    Patients are alerted about their turn via counter displays, digital signage and mobile app.

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    Directional digital signage displays and mobile app help in giving directions to patients.

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    Opinion Plus- patient feedback solution helps capture, organize and learn about what’s working at your hospital—and what isn’t.

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    Seamless Experience

    Your patient went through a seamless patient flow management solution.

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    Reporting & Dashboards

    Provides hospital leadership, department level managers and clinical operational teams multiple views of data around the patient flow.

Download our Patient Flow Management Brochure.

Want to know how we can help you manage patient journey at healthcare institutions? Download the brochure to learn how we can minimize waiting times and optimize customer journey with our electronic cloud-based queuing solutions.