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Virtual Queue

What Is Virtual Queuing?

Virtual queuing is a cutting-edge system that transforms waiting experiences by replacing traditional physical lines. It allows customers the convenience of joining queues remotely through digital platforms, thereby enhancing flexibility and efficiency in the waiting process.

With a virtual queuing solution, customers can reserve their spot in line from anywhere, reducing perceived wait times and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Experience the best of both worlds with Hybrid Queues! This innovative solution lets customers join queues in person or online by seamlessly blending physical and virtual waiting. It’s queue management reimagined for your convenience and satisfaction.

Ditch the lines and go fully digital with Fully Virtual Queues! No more waiting around—join queues remotely, get real-time updates, and breeze through service points hassle-free. It’s the ultimate in queue efficiency and customer convenience.

Queue Management System

How Virtual Queue Management System Benefits You

Wait, Time Woes Be Gone! Enjoy stress-free service with a virtual queue solution.


The Customer-Centric Benefits

Experience a Revolution in Customer Service:

  • Reduced wait times, enhancing overall satisfaction
  • Seamless queue management through virtual queuing software
  • Personalized and touchless waiting experiences for every customer


The Operational Benefits

Streamline Operations and Increase Productivity:

  • Optimize staff allocation and resource utilization
  • Real-time monitoring and management of queue flow
  • Integration with existing systems for seamless workflow


The Strategic Benefits

Drive Business Growth and Competitive Edge:

  • Increase brand reputation and customer loyalty
  • Gain valuable insights through data analytics
  • Adapt and innovate with scalable virtual queue management solutions


The Technological Benefits

Experience the power of innovation:

  • Improved communication through various channels
  • Customization to suit specific business needs
  • Remote monitoring and management capabilities

Reduce Customer Walkaways

Reduce Customer Waiting Time

Reduction in Operational Cost

Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Components of Virtual Queuing

Explore the Building Blocks of Seamless Virtual Queue Management

Mobile Queuing System

Mobile Queuing App

Offers customers the convenience of joining the virtual queue from their mobile devices, seamlessly integrating with your existing app ecosystem for a unified customer experience.


WhatsApp Queuing

Provides accessible communication and updates to customers via WhatsApp, enabling two-way communication for personalized interactions and support.

Online Appointment & Web Ticketing

Online Appointment Web Ticketing

Enables hassle-free scheduling with an online appointment web ticketing system, integrating with popular calendar platforms for easy appointment management.

Self Service Ticket Kiosks

Self-Service Ticket Kiosks

Facilitates quick check-ins with self-service ticket kiosks at your location, offering multiple language options and accessibility features for a user-friendly experience.

Virtual QR tickets

Virtual QR Tickets

Enables seamless entry and queue management with virtual QR tickets, allowing customers to scan QR codes to access detailed information and streamline operations.

SMS Ticket

SMS Ticket

Deliver instant notifications and updates to customers via SMS, customizing messages to provide relevant information and improve communication.

lobby leader

Lobby Leader

Monitor and control queues in real-time with our lobby leader system, receiving alerts for potential bottlenecks and dynamically adjusting queue management strategies.


Customer Feedback Terminals

Deploy feedback terminals to gather customer insights and opinions, analyzing feedback data to identify trends and opportunities for service improvement.


WhatsApp and SMS Feedback

Enable customers to provide feedback conveniently through WhatsApp and SMS channels, leveraging automated feedback collection processes to increase response rates and efficiency.

Virtual Queue Management Features


Online Appointment Scheduling

Effortlessly schedule appointments anytime, anywhere, with our virtual queue management system. Streamline your scheduling process and provide convenience to your customers.

Customer Feedback (Online or Offline)

Gather valuable insights for continuous improvement through our integrated feedback system. Collect feedback effortlessly to improve your services and customer experience, whether online or offline.

Dashboards, Analysis, and Reporting

Experience the power of data for informed decision-making with our comprehensive dashboards, analysis, and reporting tools. Gain insights into queue performance, customer behavior, and operational efficiency to optimize your processes.
self checkin kiosks

Online Ticket Queuing System

Customers can seamlessly enter the virtual queue with our online ticket queuing system. Eliminate the hassle of physical queues and provide a smooth experience for your customers.
Virtual queues

Offline Ticketing

Ensure accessibility and convenience with our offline ticketing solution. Customers can join the queue effortlessly without internet access, ensuring a seamless experience.
Customer feedback

Digital Signage Solutions

Increase communication and queue visibility with our digital signage solutions. Keep your customers informed about queue status, wait times, and important announcements to improve their overall experience.

How Does Virtual Queuing Software Work

Streamlining Customer Journeys from Check-In to Check-Out through Virtual Queueing Solution


Customer Check-In

Customers seamlessly join the virtual queue, on-site or remotely, using intuitive interfaces.

Queue Assignment

Efficient algorithms assign customers to appropriate queues, optimizing wait times and resource allocation.


Real-time notifications inform customers of their queue status and expected wait times, reducing anxiety.

Queue Monitoring

Admins have comprehensive oversight, monitoring queue progress and intervening to maintain efficiency.

Appointment Scheduling (Optional)

Customers can schedule appointments for added convenience, ensuring prompt service upon arrival.

Service Allocation

Resources are intelligently allocated based on demand, ensuring optimal utilization and customer satisfaction.

Check-Out and Feedback

Upon service completion, customers provide feedback, facilitating continuous improvement and enhancing satisfaction.

Highlights of Brand Stories

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California Public Employees’ Retirement System or CalPERS is an organization based in the United...

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A behemoth of a retailer comes to terms with an unprecedented pandemic, equipped with...



ZARA, Apparel Industry leader keeping customer experience & safety a top priority

Tennessee DMV

Tennessee DMV

Wavetec transforms customer journey at 44 DMV stations in Tennessee with advanced virtual ticketing...

How Online Queue Management Systems Transformed Different Industries

banking 1


Virtual queue management systems revolutionized banking by reducing wait times, enhancing customer experience, and enabling efficient service allocation. Through features such as online queuing and virtual customer queuing, these systems optimize operations, ensuring seamless transactions and heightened satisfaction for patrons.



Online queue management systems have streamlined retail operations, allowing customers to join queues remotely, receive real-time updates, and enjoy personalized service through virtual queue apps. This innovation optimizes customer flow, improves engagement, and fosters a seamless shopping experience, revolutionizing the retail sector.



Virtual queue management systems have modernized telecom services, optimizing customer flow, reducing congestion, and enhancing satisfaction with online queuing. This innovation streamlines operations minimizes wait times, and empowers customers with convenient, efficient service, revolutionizing the telecom industry’s approach to queue management.



Government agencies have better service delivery with online queue management systems, fostering seamless interactions, minimizing wait times, and boosting efficiency through virtual customer queuing. This advancement optimizes administrative processes, elevates citizen experiences, and transforms how public services are accessed and delivered.



Online queue management systems have transformed healthcare, providing patients with convenient appointment scheduling, reducing wait times, and improving patient flow through virtual queue apps and customer queuing. This evolution streamlines healthcare processes, prioritizes patient needs, and elevates the overall quality of care delivery.



Educational institutions have adopted virtual queuing solutions to streamline administrative processes, enhance student services, and minimize wait times using features like online queuing. This integration optimizes operational efficiency, elevates student experiences, and modernizes the educational environment, fostering a more productive and convenient learning atmosphere.



DMV offices have elevated customer service through online queue management systems, facilitating efficient service allocation, diminishing wait times, and enhancing overall satisfaction via virtual queue apps. This innovation streamlines operations prioritizes customer needs, and modernizes the DMV experience, leading to greater efficiency and contentment.

Banorte addresses pandemic with WhatsApp Queuing

Hosted by RBR, and featuring details from and discussion of Banorte’s experience, this event will explore the use of Wavetec’s WhatsApp Queuing solution in 975 bank branches across Mexico.

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Wavetec has served 150+ enterprise level customers

We believe in great customer service. That’s why we built Wavetec. And that’s why we go to great lengths to help you find the best-fitting queuing solution.

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enterprise clients

Reports, Dashboards & Predictive Analysis

Managers access real time business intelligence reports and dashboards through a centralized reporting system.

Spectra, Wavetec’s live reporting system and manager dashboards are integrated with the different facets of the queue management system thus they form a complete business intelligence module. Spectra is a complete enterprise solution that is capable of extracting comprehensive insights in terms of customer flows,staff performance, service area efficiency etc.

Dashboards & Predictive Analysis

Do you have a special project?

Selecting the right queue management system directly impacts your customer service. Our queuing system combines the highest quality ticket dispensers, queue displays, and queuing dashboards to offer unparalleled performance and customer experience.

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Your Questions, Answered

Frequent questions we get regarding the virtual queue system

How Does a Virtual Queue Management System Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Virtual queue management systems reduce wait times, provide real-time updates, and offer personalized experiences, improving overall satisfaction and customer journey.

Can virtual queue systems integrate with existing systems?

Yes, virtual queueing systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, ensuring compatibility and smooth operations across different platforms.

Is It Possible to Reserve a Spot in The Queue for A Specific Time?

Many virtual queueing solutions allow customers to schedule appointments and reserve spots for specific times, providing convenience and flexibility.

Can Businesses Customize Virtual Queue Management Software to Suit Their Needs?

Yes, businesses can customize virtual queue management software to align with their specific requirements, including branding, workflow, and features, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency.