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This privacy policy and legal notice are general for all Wavetec websites. (Last reviewed on 21st February 2024)

Personal information

Wavetec recognizes the importance of securing the privacy of data we may gather from you.

The reason behind this strategy is to educate you that how we handle data we may find out about you from your visit to our site, drawing in with our content or otherwise how Wavetec handle personal information regarding you.

Any individual data imparted to us will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality and our privacy rules/guidelines follow the European laws.

Information/Data we collect on this website.

Information/Data collection is done through forms for subscription.

Wavetec gathers data from you when you download a brochure subscribe to newsletters or blogs or fill in any of the form on website for downloading product related information.

We gather your email address (for the primary source of contact,) name, email address and other data, for example, organization name and industry of said organization.

We only utilize this information to update you with the latest information you asked for or to send you the latest marketing campaign.

We store and utilize this data just as long as it is important to deal with your subscription, answer your inquiries or update you with the material you requested, or to oversee a challenge, advancement, review or other site that you have chosen to share of.

Information/Data we collect with cookies.

This site utilizes cookies. Cookies are small text files that are spared in your computer’s web program when you visit a site and on later visits these can be brought from the web program for different kinds of utilizations.

You will see a pop-up assent on our site when you visit. You can pick not to allow the cookies but rather this may affect your client encounter. You can likewise change your program settings to accept/decline particular cookies or to tell you each time a cookie is set.

Most web programs permit some control of cookies through the program settings. Therefore, to discover more about cookies, including how to recognize what cookies have been set and how to oversee and erase them, visit or, which incorporates extra valuable information on cookies and how to block cookies utilizing diverse sorts of program.

We utilize cookies for the following:

  • Session cookies to monitor and keep a record of the page language.
  • Analyzing that how the site is being utilized by visitors and for the enhancement of the visitor’s experience on the site with customized content.
  • Enhancing and adjusting your experience on the site for your kind of program or device.
  • Analyze the content in view of how clients utilize the site and use the search terms.

The information gathered by the cookies on the Wavetec’s website stage, as set out above, is utilized by Google in their stage (Google Analytics) to, based on the activities you perform well within the program or the website. Hence, To quit being followed by Google Analytics over all sites visit

Our Cookies gather the following data/information.

  • IP-address,
  • Program type and device
  • The page (assuming any) that drove you to the Wavetec’s website or inquiry terms (assuming any) went into a web search tool which lead you to the Wavetec’s site,
  • Page response times,
  • Downloaded material,
  • Length of visits to specific pages,
  • Page communication data (e g looking over, snaps and mouse-overs),

This information is stored for a time of 26 months and following that with confirmations and after analyzing things carefully, we delete the information.

Data gathered by different means

Data gathered for sales purposes

On the off chance that you have been reached/contacted by us with respect to the purchase of our goods and services, and if you have agreed to us for contacting you again for sales purposes, we have gathered this individual information related to you, for example, your name, contact points of interest (email address, phone number and similar), the organization you work at, your position and comparative.

We will utilize this information for marketing and other bran related purpose.

We will just process the personal information for such an amount of time during which we consider your organization as a potential client and for maximum period of two years.

“As mentioned below in this Policy, you can anytime withdraw your consent or quit from any marketing related messages.”

You can also contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding how we process personal data related to you (e.g. name, e-mail address). Contact details are provided on the Contact us pages.

Data gathered with respect to contact people at our clients, providers and different accomplices

If you are working at an organization that is a client of, provider to, or generally co-works with, Wavetec and you are the, or one of the, contact people of Wavetec at your organization, we have gathered personal information related to you, for example, your name, contact points of interest (email address, phone number and comparative), the organization you work at, your position and similar other details.

This data is vital for Wavetec to process, so as to satisfy its authoritative commitments with your organization, for the legitimate interest of Wavetec to communicate in regards to its administrations and with the goal for Wavetec to consent to lawful commitments, for example, keeping right books.

We will utilize this information to speak with you and your organization, and furthermore to advise you of our products and ventures.

We will only process the information for the term of the agreement amongst us and your organization and for the greatest time of five years from that point (if a more extended period isn’t required by law).

As mentioned below in this Policy, you can anytime withdraw your consent or quit from any marketing related messages.

Outsider data sharing

Wavetec just uses data as characterized in this strategy, this implies we will never offer an exchange or generally share your by and by identifiable or anonymized data. This also excludes trusted third parties that have helped us in operating our site or servicing our visitors as long as these accomplices consent to our protection rules. We might be required to release data/information when this is compulsory to consent to the law or to secure your or our rights, property or wellbeing.

We share the cookie information with Google. To quit being followed by Google Analytics over all sites visit

We additionally share the information gathered through this site with outsider programming suppliers that supply us with programming instruments used to deal with the information as per this Policy.

This will involve the information being sent outside the EU/EEC. We will just exchange your data to an outsider specialist organization, where we are fulfilled that satisfactory levels of assurance are set up to ensure the honesty and security of any data being handled and consistence with material protection and information insurance laws.

Website links

Wavetec may provide links to other websites that we accept are valuable. In spite of the fact that we trust these sites meet our exclusive requirements, Wavetec is not responsible for the content, actions or policies of third party websites. Moreover, Wavetec isn’t in charge of the security notification or practices of such sites.

Your rights

General rights

  • If you wish to stop receiving marketing communications from us then please click on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the relevant mailing. If you wish to opt-out completely then please contact us by using the details provided above.
  • If you might want us to erase your data from our records, please contact us using the contact details above and we will respond within a reasonable time. Please note that we may be required to hold certain data by law and/or for our own legitimate business purpose.

Users from the European Economic Area

If you are from the European Economic Area, you have below rights (with some exceptions and restrictions) to:

  • Object to our preparing of your personal information/data, including profiling You can object whenever and we might quit handling the data you have protested, unless we can demonstrate convincing authentic grounds to proceed with that preparing;
  • Access your personal data. If you make this kind of request and we hold personal data about you, we are required to furnish you with information on it, including a description and copy (in a data portable format, if applicable) of the personal data and why we are processing it;
  • Request eradication of your personal data in specific conditions. Eradications rights do not apply where the data is processed for historical research purposes or statistical purposes.
  • Request correction or updating of the personal information that we hold about you and that is incorrect;
  • Request the restriction of our processing of your personal data in a couple of conditions. If you request this, we can continue to store your personal data, however are confined from processing it while the limitation is set
  • Withdraw your consent to our use of your private data. When you utilize our website you may have been asked to consent to the dropping of a cookie. You can withdraw your consent to our processing of your personal data that has been derived from cookies. If you do withdraw consent that will not disturb the legality of what we have done with your personal data before you withdrew consent;
  • Complain to your nearby data protection consultant/authority about our accumulation or utilization of your personal data.

If you implement the rights above and there is any inquiry about who you are, we may involve you to provide information from which we can gratify ourselves as to your identity.

There is no charge for implementing these rights. However, we reserve the right to charge reasonable managerial fees in certain circumstances in accordance with law, for example for unnecessarily monotonous requests.

If you are from the European Economic Area and would like to implement any of these rights in relevance to any information we hold about you via this website please contact us using the contact details provided above. We will contemplate and answer to your request in agreement with the relevant law.

Legal notice

This website may comprise other exclusive notifications and copyright information, the terms of which must be perceived and monitored.

All images contained in this site are the sole property of Wavetec and may not be replicated or copied without approval from Wavetec.

Information may be changed or restructured without notice. Furthermore Wavetec can also make enhancements and/or modifications in the products and/or the programs described in this information at any time without any notification.

Wavetec undertakes no responsibility regarding the accuracy of the data that is provided by Wavetec and use of such information is at the receiver’s own risk. Wavetec provides no guarantees that any stated problems may be resolved with the use of any information that Wavetec provides. By delivering information, Wavetec does not grant any licenses to any copyrights, patents or any other intellectual property rights.

Wavetec does not want to accept confidential or copyrighted information from you through our website. Please note that any information or material sent to Wavetec will not be considered by Wavetec to be confidential. By directing Wavetec any information or material, you allow Wavetec an unrestricted, irreversible license to use, replicate, exhibit, perform, modify, transfer and allocate those materials or information, and you also agree that Wavetec is permitted to use any ideas, conceptions, know-how or techniques that you send us for any perseverance.

However, we will not announce your name or otherwise expose the fact that you submitted materials or other information to us except: (a) we obtain your consent to use your name; or (b) we first inform you that the materials or other information you submit to a specific part of this site will be distributed or otherwise used with your name on it; or (c) we are obligatory to do so by law.


Any updates to the privacy policy will be imitated on this page. This page has been last reviewed on 21st February 2024.