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Retail Digital Solutions

We add the Therapy to Retail

Wavetec’s retail digital solutions are geared towards creating and facilitating quick customer journeys, better retail interactions, increased service efficiency and improved consumer experiences. The goal is to aid modern retailers capture revenue opportunities, reduce in store wait times, enhance retail experiences and boost profitability.

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Retail Management Needs

The retail industry faces increasingly high volumes of foot traffic all year round and particularly around the holiday season. To accommodate, efficiently service and satisfy these customers is a top priority across all areas of retail – be it convenience, grocery, department, warehouse, outlet stores, etc. Companies must ensure that their service areas deliver excellence, all while accommodating high foot traffic and integrating applications to improve seamless service dispensation.

Management Needs


Improved shopper efficiency by 26%
Reduce basket abandonment and walk-away rate by 32%
Improve brand perception by 53%
Increased visitor satisfaction by 35%
Increased operational leverage
Boost impulse purchases and business profitability

Self Service Automation Solutions

Automate, digitise and modernise operations with our range of solutions designed with your and your customer’s needs in mind.

Self Service solutions
Wavetec aids retail service areas in making the switch from teller-supported to self-sufficient service provision. This solution guarantees increased efficiency, improved user experience and safer visitor journeys. Wavetec’s Self Service Card Issuance and Collection kiosk is built to facilitate visitors in collecting and replacing loyalty cards contactlessly and swiftly. This also frees up staff to perform other duties. Our machines have an embedded webcam for security and are powered by ViaOS Software and Know Your Customer (KYC) verification checks.

Retail Solutions

Wavetec’s digital solutions help raise and maintain service standards, by allowing you to organize, engage and measure customer journeys and flows at key touch points. They include: