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Wavetec’s Queue Management & Digital Transformation services support you in modernizing your business, improving your customer satisfaction standards and making the most of technological opportunities to achieve desired results on your digital journey.

Our Digital Transformation Solutions

Our mission is the modernization of the branch journey flow, such that customer experience is enhanced to industry-leading optimization levels. We help our clients adapt to new technology architectures and virtual business models so that they can meet the evolving needs of their consumer demographic and access new horizons of opportunity.

Customer Experience Solutions
A holistic means to transform in-branch experiences, drive profitability and sell more

Self Service Solutions
Improve your branch offerings to offer seamless & contactless service delivery, aimed at increasing satisfaction & convenience

Analytics & Reporting
Digitally transform the reports by collecting data, conducting analysis & generating reports in real-time to improve business performance and policy planning

Why Are Customers Abandoning Queues in Bank Branches?

Our Customers Witnessed

Wavetec solutions have helped businesses succeed in more than 70 countries, with over 20,000 installations in different sectors.

customer waiting times
Reduction in customer waiting times

operational cost
Reduction in operational cost

self service transactions
Increase in self service transactions

customer satisfaction
Increase in customer satisfaction

Efficient data collection & reporting

Efficiently utilize working hours to cater to more clients, while reducing queue wait times

Automating processes to improve service efficiency

Idle time marketing with digital signage

Enhanced customer experience with data driven insights

Increased revenue & reduced operational costs

Industries Transformed

Wavetec solutions have provided digital transformation services to businesses practicing in multiple industries. Be it healthcare, banking, retail or financial markets. Globally, more than 2 million people from different industries pass through our customer
experience solutions daily.

Brands Digitally Transformed


The world’s best brands have trusted Wavetec’s digital transformation services

Banorte addresses pandemic with WhatsApp Queuing

Hosted by RBR, and featuring details from and discussion of Banorte’s experience, this event will explore the use of Wavetec’s WhatsApp Queuing solution in 975 bank branches across Mexico.

Your Questions, Answered!

Frequent questions we get regarding Self Service Kiosks

Today, the economy is digital, and customers prefer digital; thus, businesses are actively engaged in digital adoption. Adapting to this environment requires moving from conventional methods to a digital tech called digital transformation.

These solutions are geared towards giving your business the competitive edge it needs to accelerate client onboarding cost effectively and with increased profits.

From retail to marketing to healthcare, digital transformation is affecting every industry. It has a different effect on each sector. All companies are undergoing some level of transformation, regardless of the impact.

It depends on several factors, such as:

■   The industry or marketplace

■    Budget constraints

■    Customer Experience

■    A company’s long-term strategy

However, the sooner, the better.

Some of the most significant benefits include:

■    The Improved Customer Experience

■    Access to Live Analytics Data

■    Better Collaboration between Departments

Wavetec offers customer flow management, appointment & scheduling, WhatsApp Queuing, Business Analytics, Self-services kiosks, and digital signages.

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