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Wavetec Information Video Wall

media-rich displays for an extravaganza of experiences

Wavetec video walls are holistic, scalable, reliable and widely customizable (large screen applications) for closed indoor and long distance outdoor viewing.

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Information Video Wall

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Wavetec offers video wall solutions designed to work in the most demanding of environments – commercial, public, and trading arenas. Our video walls can be customized according to your requirements, modernizing your venue and creating visibility, disseminating real-time data and communicating effectively.

Main Benefits

The impactful Information Video Wall possesses features that offer incredible benefits to users with the aim of driving profitability.

Increased Reliability
Eco-Friendly Technology
Choice of Brightness Modes
Consistent Quality
Choice of Brightness Modes
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For stock exchanges and trading environments, our video walls disseminate information in real-time, displaying stock quotes, live streaming charts, and market trends

Wavetec Video Walls are holistic, scalable, reliable and widely customisable (large screen applications) for closed indoor and long distance outdoor viewing. They transform your location into a visual landmark for public audiences. These are easy-to-install displays, similarly simple in use and management!

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Other Solutions

Expect rich media displays, informative LED visuals and visitor guidance-oriented technological initiatives that occupy and inform customers when they arrive, while they wait, as they approach the service area and after they have been served – the complete visual journey companion!


Stock and News LED Ticker

Wavetec Stock & News LED Tickers are designed with special hardware components to facilitate a smooth content scroll


Information Display System

We equip our customers with the powerful, high quality Donatello Suite solution as a capable content management software


Stock Game

Stock Game is a virtual and educational stock market simulation game linked to a live stock exchange feed

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Wavetec offers a complete range of display solutions, ideal for advertising, retail and branding. HD Series, PRO Series and Prime Series are premium product lines offering solutions for both Indoor LED and Outdoor LED displaying applications.


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