Improve service efficiency and customer satisfaction

Improve outpatient flow at hospitals and clinics with Wavetec’s custom-designed Patient Flow Management System that enables management
to efficiently organize staff, resources and patient queues so that patients receive the right care at the right time in a comfortable, hassle-free

From patient check-in to patient calling and appointment management, Wavetec’s Patient Flow Management Systems allow hospitals and clinics
to map patient journey, efficiently manage patient wait times and organize the entire patient flow at hospital and clinic service areas.

Streamline the Customer Experience

Transparency and Reduced
Waiting Times

Smoothly manage walk-in
and appointment traffic

High patient through-put,
minimized wait time

Real-time dashboards and
reports to monitor patient flow

ADA / Disability Compliant
Self-service kiosks

Patient Flow solutions

Hospital Queue Management Systems:
Choose from two Solutions

Virtual Queuing System

Linear Queuing system

Appointments & Tickets

Allow patients to take appointment or ticket via different options


Mobile SMS

Mobile App

Online Appointment
or Web Ticketing

Engage & Inform

Engage patients while they wait with informational
displays and digital signage that shows queue status

Donatello Vertica

Donatello Linea



Inform patients about their turn and use queue displays and counter displays to inform patients of open counters or their ticket
numbers or towards the required doctor’s room.

Customer Feedback

Obtain customer feedback using Opinion Plus to know how well customers were serviced, and if they left satisfied or not.

Reports & Analytics

Use Wavetec’s management portal, manager dashboard and generate statistics and live reports to analyse patient’s waiting time,
operational efficiency and service quality.

  • Tailored to cater to specific workflows and can be integrated
    with online appointment system
  • Manage patient flow and patient information efficiently with live dashboard, patient journey mapping, and reports
  • Disability compliant and interactive kiosks allow patients to take
    a ticket comfortably
  • Online and web appointments facilitate the booking of
    patient’s appointment in advance.
  • Smartly manage walk-in and appointment traffic
  • Option to transfer tickets and conveniently direct
    patient to different departments according to their turn
  • From patient check-in to patient calling and
    appointment management, all integration facilities
    are optimized using Wavetec’s patient flow
    management system.

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