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Spectra Queue Analytics Software

Control the Customer Experience with Spectra Queue Management Software

Connect with your customers before they arrive. Spectra will change the way your business operates at the sharp end, where the customers are. We put you at central control of your customers experience

QUeue management software
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Create seamless, intuitive customer journeys that transcend across channels

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An enterprise queuing system software that integrates with all peripheral devices to minimize customers efforts across all channels and touchpoints, ensuring a seamless experience every time a customer visits your branch.

Spectra allows you to redefine the way your team will handle customers when they visit your branch.

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Spectra enables you to predict
your customer needs

Spectra, world’s leading Queuing Software for Enterprise and SMEs

Spectra is built on a modular platform which can be configured and customized to suit your specific business requirements. It offers unique features from the very start of the customer journey to integrating with external platforms.

Spectra queuing system software is powering some of the most critical customer journey products offered by Wavetec which includes

Online appointment booking & Scheduling, Virtual Queuing, Mobile Queuing, WhatsApp Queuing, Web Ticketing, SMS Tickets, Customer Feedback and the real time monitoring and reporting.

Virtual Queue Management Helping with Social Distancing

Wavetec’s primary focus is to support you, your business and the safety and continued service to your customers. Our goal is to limit the chance of virus spread and equipping you with solutions that can help you organize, engage and measure customer experiences.

 Designed to deliver great Customer Experience & Proven Results

Increases in branch sales by 20%
Greater competitive advantage by leveraging on insights
Reduced customer walkaways
Increased NPS rating by reduction in wait times
Increased customer and brand loyalty
Realtime decision making with AI & BI tools

Designed to empower different industries

Globally more than 2 million people pass through our customer
experience solutions, daily.


Provide an omni-channel branch experience for digital, linear & non-customers


Increase sales, reduce costs and optimize store management


Improve customer onboarding, service dispensation and visitor flows


Proven technology solutions for successful public governance and service delivery


Efficient outpatient flows and management for high risk and high foot traffic areas


Ensure student & staff safety during admissions & exams with customizable solutions