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Customer Feedback Solutions

Prioritize What Matters & Develop Services That Exceed Expectations

Opinion Plus is an advanced customer feedback solution that bridges the gap between your standards of service and customer perceptions of them. Master the provision of customer experience standards and implement desired changes, all in real time!


Cultivating Refined
Customer Experiences

Customer needs and expectations are constantly evolving, and thus customer feedback is vital for customer-centric businesses. Wavetec’s Opinion Plus is the key to extracting data regarding customers’ experiences and understanding what is expected of your business.

Opinion Plus helps you leverage the customer feedback to master the customer service experience.

Measure customer satisfaction in real time
Follow-up on staff and branch performance
Show commitment to hearing customer opinions and implementing service improvements
Take strategic decisions based on dynamic reporting

Why Choose Opinion Plus?

Opinion plus is the right feedback solution for your business.

Allows for targeted messaging
Improves customer retention
Helps companies benchmark performance
Centrally manages customer feedback in real-time
Informs better management practices 
Increases customer loyalty

Product Features

This ticketless, single line queuing system is a cost effective way to
manage queues in the fairest and fastest way



To enable interface with external devices, Opinion Plus seamlessly integrates with other technology.



In order to support access to data from any location, Opinion Plus can also be connected to a private cloud platform.



Understanding the customer/ organization relationship is paramount. Opinion Plus provides organizations with instant feedback, which helps to strengthen the relationship and improve service quality.



Intelligently designed, Opinion Plus displays targeted messages during service to customers – communicating customized, audience specific messages.

Customer Feedback, Simplified

Opinion plus is a robust, centralized customer feedback solution that gives you the opportunity to gather, consolidate, analyze, and follow through on feedback from customers.

Collecting customer feedback shouldn’t be complicated. Our easy-to-use solution measures the voice of your customer so you can take action and provide an exceptional experience.

Build Custom Templates

Opinion plus lets you design beautiful surveys to discover the true voice of your customer.  Our best in class solution provides various templates and ensures your survey is tested so that your feedback results are robust. 

Centralized Management

To provide maximum support and access to data, opinion plus is integrated with Spectra platform allowing easy management of data from any location.


Gather insights from a range of dashboards and reports from Spectra reporting software.  Uncover trends and identify opportunities to improve the customer experience.


Opinion plus is intelligently designed to bring up targeted messages to the right customer when they are served allowing customer messages for a specific audience. 

Integration with Queue Management

Opinion plus allows you to obtain valuable insights by integrating all touch points and channels across your organization. To provide maximum support for interfacing, opinion plus allows seamless integration with other technology platforms such as POS terminals, CRMs and Wavetec Queue Management System. This gives you a 360-degree view of your customer and fuels a better experience.

Real-time Notification & alerts 

Easily notify users and set notifications to help curb the turbulence in the customer experience in real-time

More Than Two Million Happy Customers

Globally more than 2 million people pass through our customer
experience solutions on a daily basis.


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We understand how important customer feedback is for you and can provide the mechanism and systems to collect customer feedback and leverage it to upgrade your customer service areas

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