Information Display System

Information Display System

Wavetec’s high-end Donatello Suite enables the control of information to LED displays. This solution consists of a Content Management Software (CMS), as well as a Canvas Designer and Scheduler section. This dynamic digital medium is a powerful tool to deliver real-time data.

Main Benefits

Dynamic Widgets

User Management Options

Live Monitoring Capabilities

Content Grouping & Scheduling

Equipped with Wavetec Canvas Designer & Scheduler

This web-based content management system interfaces with Wavetec CMS database. This interface facilitates the creation and management of both content and data source. It streamlines the process, connecting the dots to synergise input, and output.

Web based LED information solutions manage the scrolling of messages, financial data and images. Managing the LED ticker displays through the internet has the added benefit that the displays can be accessed through any computer worldwide.

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Our information display systems give you tremendous control over the information that reaches your clients. You can choose from an assortment of options to give the perfect look to the content you want to display.

Wavetec offers a complete range of display solutions which are ideal for advertising,retail and branding. HD Series, PRO Series and Prime Series are premium product lines offering solutions for both Indoor LED and Outdoor LED displaying applications.

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