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Queuing Solution

The most advanced yet simple solution

An integrated virtual queuing solution with WhatsApp, the most popular app for instant messaging. Attract and retain customers with a virtual and stress-free queuing experience.

whatsapp queue

Attract and Retain
more Customers

Make the days of tedious waiting in long lines a thing of the past! Wavetec’s WhatsApp Queuing solution offers a seamless, frictionless and contactless queuing experience, geared towards enabling you to optimise your customer experiences.

Smart Virtual Queuing For The Modern Customer

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with Wavetec’s Queue Management System


with Digital Signage for Queue Information


QR Enabled Queuing


Live Queue Status & Notifications on WhatsApp


Contactless Queuing Experience


Integrated with a Real-time Feedback System
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Automate, Digitize and Transform Your
Customer Journey with Spectra

WhatsApp Queuing is powered by Spectra, an enterprise queuing software that seamlessly integrates with all available applications to minimize customer efforts across all channels and touchpoints, ensuring a seamless experience every time a customer visits your branch.

Spectra will change the way your business operates. We put you in central control of your customer experience with real-time actionable insights, dashboards and reporting.

Why Choose WhatsApp Queuing?

This ticketless, single line queuing system is a cost effective means to managing queues in the fairest and fastest way

Enables Social Distancing
Quick & Easy Deployment
Deliver Great Customer Experience
Touchless Experience
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Adhere to Occupancy Limits
No Hardware Required
The most advanced queuing solution
No more long queues

Manage Effectively, Monitor Exceptionally

WhatsApp Virtual Queuing arms your management with the relevant tools needed to reduce customer wait times, increase employee efficiency and business productivity while enabling a memorable customer experience

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QR Enabled Customer Journey

An arriving customer can use their smartphones to scan the QR code. A designated chat is opened with your management and the user begins conversing with the system. The queue has been joined!

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Customers can also take appointments using WhatsApp. With two way message capabilities, the platform shares and books calendar, service and appointment details and slots, respectively, and in real time. Custom reminders can also be scheduled using the platform.

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Customer Feedback

Integrated with Wavetec’s customer feedback solution, the platform lets you design surveys to discover your customer’s true voice. Our solution provides various templates and ensures your survey is tested, keeping your feedback results robust.

Instant Notifications

Notification & Alerts

Get instant push notifications of your position in the queue. Calendar notifications can also be configured and alarms can also be set to ensure you don’t miss your slot. Businesses can configure notifications based on actions taken, issuance of ticket, change in queue position, no show, cancellation, appointment, frequency and much more.

Endless Marketing

Endless Marketing

Integrating with Wavetec’s Ad platform, businesses can manage and customise promotional messages, announcements, discounts and much more, thereby connecting your customers at a deeper level with your brand.

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Gather insights from a range of dashboards and reports courtesy of our Spectra reporting platform. Uncover trends and identify opportunities to improve the customer experience.

How Can WhatsApp Virtual Queuing Help You?

We have wide ranging expertise in equipping service areas in banks, hospitals, pharmacies, government organizations, supermarkets and retail stores. Virtual Queuing empowers you a step further in delivering seamless customer experiences.

Queue Management

Banorte addresses pandemic with WhatsApp Queuing

Hosted by RBR, and featuring details from and discussion of Banorte’s experience, this event will explore the use of Wavetec’s WhatsApp Queuing solution in 975 bank branches across Mexico.

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What is a WhatsApp queuing system?

WhatsApp queuing is an online queuing solution powered by the popular messaging application, WhatsApp

How does a WhatsApp queuing system work?

Customers scan a QR code, or message a displayed number to open a WhatsApp chat with the business. A chat bot answers questions pertaining to their visit, and are issued a ticket securing their place in the queue. They receive updates via WhatsApp.

Why do you need a WhatsApp queuing system?

WhatsApp Queuing is easy-to-install, user-friendly and simple to onboard both digital and non-digital clients. It guarantees contactless virtual queuing and customer satisfaction.