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High Quality LED Displays

Visual Information Sharing Solution


Expect rich media displays, informative LED visuals and visitor guidance-oriented technological initiatives that occupy and inform customers when they arrive, while they wait, as they approach the service area and after they have been served – the complete visual journey companion!


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Add aesthetic value to your indoor space with LED visual solutions. Wavetec provides customizable LED visuals for use in boardrooms, control rooms, marketing arenas etc. Our flexible, lightweight, and energy-efficient modules combine to create your ideal LED solution. Whether you want a curved or straight video wall, single or double line tickers according to your dimensions, we have the product for you! High resolution, small pixel pitch, scalable, and complete with options of integration with different real-time data sources, public feeds and stored digital content.

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Display content online and offline using different screen layouts according to the demands of the content, be they news headlines, promotional messages or financial data. Our LED portfolio with state-of-the-art products and cutting edge customization capabilities caters to a plethora of display needs, and creates dynamic media-rich environments.

LED Display Applications

Our LED Displays are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications


Indoor LED Display

We develop high quality indoor displays for a close range viewing experience


Outdoor LED Display

We develop high quality outdoor displays for a distant range viewing experience

Wide Range of Displays

We tailor-make tickers and video walls in different dimensions and designs. Our indoor and outdoor LED displays are fittingly reliable, easy to install, and perform consistently well round the clock.

Wavetec’s network of one-window visual solutions spans across a broad network; we cater to world-class organizations in 70 countries, and our exceptional modules have outfitted the trading floors of 23 leading global financial markets.

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Industry Appilication

Our LED full- and tri-color video walls and ticker displays are adept at operating independently on a wide array of customized screen layouts. Update information remotely and deliver real-time informational feeds.

Wavetec’s media-friendly LED displays are the perfect choice for diverse industries, we leverage companies to reproduce media-rich content anywhere, be it digital billboards at retail outlets, sports displays at stadiums, financial displays at stock exchanges, advertising billboards in outdoor landscapes, or flight information display systems at airports.

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Our advanced LED portfolio facilitates seamless integration of the Content Management system with the client’s database. Our expert project management consultants ensure that they devise customized yet cost-effective high-tech visual solutions to meet your business needs.

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We have wide-ranging expertise in service areas at banks, hospitals, pharmacies, government organizations, supermarkets and retail stores. LED Display Solutions help empower you to deliver seamless customer experiences.

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