Mobile order and pay vs self-order kiosk

Mobile Order and Pay vs Self-Order Kiosks

WavetecMay 25, 2023

Mobile order and pay is a system of placing orders on the smartphone app and paying for the order remotely. On the contrary, self-service kiosks are terminals inside restaurants that allow customers to browse the menu, place an order and…

avoid whatsapp spaming

Avoid Spamming in WhatsApp Marketing

WavetecMay 25, 2023

Have you ever unsubscribed from WhatsApp marketing messages after overwhelming spam? What led to that decision? Unwanted promotional content is a source of constant distractions and an invasion of privacy in a user’s life. Customers receiving unsolicited messages from businesses…

self service check in

Unveiling the Top Benefits of Self-Service Kiosk Solutions for Businesses and Consumers

Mansoor MuhammadMay 24, 2023

Self-service technology is based on automated systems that allow customers to perform tasks independently without needing assistance from staff members. Major contributors to the self-service industry include self-service kiosks, interactive websites and mobile apps. Have you visited a superstore with…

ticket dispenser machine

Ticket Dispenser Machine: A Guide for Operational Efficiency

Maria AshfaqMay 24, 2023

  In this blog: Develop an understanding of what Take a Number System is, the various types of ticker dispensing machines, and explore their various advantages. Introduction to Take a Number System The Take a Number System is a highly…

self service kiosk to achieve roi

How Self-Service Kiosks Help Achieve ROI

WavetecMay 23, 2023

Can self-service kiosks be the game-changer your business needs to boost the return on investments? Self-service kiosks are interactive electronic terminals which allow users to perform various tasks independently. Services such as transactions, SIM dispensing and ticketing do not always…

understanding watsapp business api

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding WhatsApp Business API

WavetecMay 22, 2023

Are you looking to build on your communication and stay connected with all your clients?  The ultimate goal of WhatsApp Business APIs is to simplify communication between business and their large clientele. Invest in an omnichannel that allows customers to…

Best practices and common mistakes in WhatsApp marketing

Dos and Don’ts of WhatsApp Marketing

WavetecMay 19, 2023

WhatsApp has become essential in our daily routine activities, but what are some creative ways to maximize engagement with your customers and build your brand’s image? Using WhatsApp as part of your communication strategy and marketing plans has proven effective…

how traditional banking looks like and People waiting in line at bank

Uncovering the Benefits of Bank Branch Transformation

Mansoor MuhammadMay 17, 2023

In recent years, the banking industry has undergone a significant transformation driven by advances in technology and changing customer expectations. One of the key areas of this transformation is the evolution of bank branches. Gone are the days when bank…

how to choose queue management system

How to Choose a Queue Management System?

Tobias BessoneMay 15, 2023

How often have you waited in long lines and left frustrated without being attended to by a representative? This is where queue management systems are crucial in organizing queues and improving the overall customer experience. These systems enhance customer flow…

thi simage shows what cdm features have in banking

What is CDM In The Banking and Finance Industry?

Mansoor MuhammadMay 15, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, technological advancements have revolutionized various sectors, including the banking and finance industry. One such innovation that has transformed the way banking services are offered is Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs). CDMs have become game-changer, providing customers with…