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Sim Registration & Verification Solutions

for Customer Service Automation

Get real-time SIM registration & verification against any SIM sale. The solution is especially designed to help telcos and government regulators add a crucial layer of security & compliance

SIM Registration and Verification
SIM Registration and Verification

SIM Card Registration
& Verification Solution

Azimut’s SIM card Registration and Verification platform is designed for sales teams, stores and agent networks to enable faster and more secure transactions.

Globally pre-paid SIM cards are preferred by the majority of mobile phone users. According to a report by GSMA, 73% of the world’s mobile users are pre-paid customers.

SIM Registration and Verification

Solutions for SIM Card Registration

Global safety & government requirements have confronted many telecom companies with a new challenge. Due to increased safety regulations, governmental bodies demand transparent customer relationships. The Azimut SIM card registration suite allows easy and secure collection of demographic information as well as biometric data to ensure KYC requirements. The system allows real-time linking of a mobile SIM number with its owner after all validation and forgery-proof biometric checks

Dynamic Number Allocation

SIM Swap & Change of Owner

Real-Time SIM Activation & Dispensing

Mobile Wallet Onboarding

Secure Mobile Wallet Transaction

Prepaid & Post-Paid Airtime/Top-Ups

24/7 Self-Service Capability

Seamless Integration With Corporate KYC System

SIM Registration and Verification
SIM Registration and Verification


Machine Vision: ViaOS platform is also equipped with AI and machine learning capabilities to optimize registration, improve pre-quality checks and minimize fraud. Integrated with SIM dispensing kiosk, the solution offers barcode scanning, ID card data extraction, face matching, photocopy detection, ID document validation, constant background, blurred images and liveness detection.

Offline & Low Latency Areas: Azimut’s SIM registration and issuance platform is specially designed for developing markets where internet coverage is not always the best! By combining offline capability, optimized packet handling and synchronization algorithm, we can operate efficiently even without coverage.

SIM Registration and Verification

Robust and Scalable
Built specifically for telecoms, Azimut’s self-service kiosks and the ViaOS middleware are robust, scalable and dependable.

SIM Registration and Verification

Fraud & Analytics
Multi-modal biometrics and machine learning empower you to detect various types of fraud.

SIM Registration and Verification

Multi-Modal Biometrics
Fully supports facial, Iris & fingerprint biometrics, providing greater accuracy & more flexibility than a single form of biometric verification.

How it Works

SIM Registration and Verification
SIM Registration and Verification

E-SIM Registration

E-SIM stands for ‘Embedded Subscriber Identity Module’. It is a digital SIM, embedded inside your device that allows you to use a postpaid number without using a physical SIM.

Azimut’s self-service kiosks support full E-SIM registration journeys, using both online and offline mode to efficiently allow E-SIM registration following successful KYC checks.

SIM Registration and Verification
SIM Registration and Verification

Early Empirical Analysis. Covid-19 Impact on Self Service

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SIM Registration and Verification