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The Widest Deployed Telecom Self Service Kiosk

Kickstart Your Digital Transformation with Azimut’s Self-Service Kiosks

Trusted by some of largest telecom companies in the world, Azimut has industry leading experience with automation and self service telecom kiosk.

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What We Do

Automate Your Service Centers Today

We want to help you automate your physical stores and expand your network of ‘branches’ so you can reach more.

Self-service in Telecommunications



SIMVEND is Azimut’s Instant Sim Dispensing Kiosk that operates 24/7 to serve your customers. It uses state of the art hardware that is fully modular allowing a great degree of customization.

Sim Registration & Verification

With cutting edge KYC and multimodal biometrics, enable safe and secure transactions for your cutomers minimizing fraud and identity theft.


ViaOS was developed to integrate seamlessly with SIMVEND and all the backend databases required to run authentications for KYC.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

ViaOS was developed to integrate seamlessly with SIMVEND and all the backend databases required to run authentications for KYC.

Growing Challenges for The Telecom Industry

The COVID-19 Pandemic
This new virus took the world by storm and adversely affected nearly every single industry and continues to do so. The telecom industry is no exception; millions of call centers around the world were shut for months and some were put out of business permanently. No one was prepared for this and lost a lot of business due the lack of this contingency planning. Telecom operators were struggling to provide services when customers needed to stay connected the most.

With the exponential growth and advancements in technology, we have come very far; we have access to lightning fast internet and crystal clear cellular call quality all from one very pocketable device. However, as technology advances, so do the cyber criminals and hackers. These bad actors are working constantly to create malware and ransomware to try and get access to your data. Telecom operators need to constantly keep updating their firewalls and network encryption to protect their customers from these cyber attacks.

Due to increasing instances of cyber crime, regulatory authorities or governments have introduced new regulations to safeguard the personal information of telecom customers. These regulations require telecommunication companies to ask customers to present valid IDs and verify their identity. In some cases they are required to do facial matching or even biometric fingerprint authentication. This has driven up costs for telecoms and has made what was a simple job, quite a bit more complicated. 

The EU plans to provide complete 5G coverage by the year 2025 and many other countries are following this plan and dedicating resources towards a 5G future. Providing 5G coverage is not as easy as just upgrading technology, it requires a more structural change that demands a lot of time and resources. However, the move to 5G is a necessary one and also inevitable. In a few years time, if a telecom doesn’t offer 5G connectivity, they will no longer be able to compete. 

The exponential growth in technology in other sectors has also put pressure on telecom companies to change their ways and employ more advanced technologies. Especially with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers are demanding automation in all industries as well as a more personalized customer experience.


How We Can Help

Telecom Expertise

Our team has years, if not decades of experience in the telecom industry constantly helping large telecoms achieve their goals and build an overall better experience for their customers. We have worked with a number of high profile clients who have trusted us with our digital self service telecom solutions to help them step into the future of self-service. Check out some of their stories below.

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