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What is a Telecommunication Kiosk?

The Wavetec Telecommunication Kiosk is a modern marvel designed to revolutionize telecom interactions. These interactive terminals offer a wide range of services, from bill payments to SIM card activations, enabling users to engage with telecom services conveniently and independently.

With Wavetec's innovative approach, convenience and empowerment are just a touch away.

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What We Do

Automate Your Service Centers Today

We want to help you automate your physical stores and expand your network of ‘branches’ so you can reach more.

Telecom Smart Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

Transforming customer experiences with intelligent self-service kiosks


SIM Dispensing Kiosk

Through SimVend, streamline your telecom experience with our innovative SIM Dispensing Kiosk, providing hassle-free access to SIM cards and essential services.

Sim Registration & Verification

Wavetec’s Self-Service Kiosk Solution simplifies SIM registration processes, ensuring compliance and convenience for telecom providers and customers alike.


Wavetec’s innovative software solution redefines the self-service kiosk experience, offering seamless integration, customization, and management capabilities.

Monitoring & Reporting

Wavetec’s software solution offers comprehensive monitoring and reporting features for self-service kiosks, enabling businesses to track performance, analyze data, and optimize operations effectively.

Digital Self-service Telecom Benefits

Experience telecom services like never before with the efficiency and innovation of digital self-service solutions.


Revolutionizes the brand experience

Immerse customers in personalized, seamless interactions, fostering brand loyalty and differentiation in the competitive telecom landscape.

Expand your retail reach

Maximize market penetration by strategically deploying self-service kiosks, ensuring accessibility and convenience for customers across diverse locations.

Reducing operational costs

Optimize resource allocation and operational efficiency to drive down overheads and enhance profitability for telecom businesses.

Uncovering new revenue streams

Introduce innovative service offerings and upselling opportunities, leveraging self-service kiosks to diversify revenue streams and boost profitability.

Reduction in Customer wait time

Reduction in Operational cost

increase in customer satisfaction

increase in self service transcations

Telecom Kiosk Features

Explore the innovative features of our telecom kiosks, which are designed to improve customer experience and operations.

Multilingual Support & Currency Acceptance

Enable Swift SIM Issuance And Activation

Account Management Functionalities

Provide Mobile Banking Services With Cash-Accepting And Dispensing Features

Facilitate Third-Party Service, Top-Ups, And Bill Payments

Barcode Scanning & ID Card Data Extraction

Face Matching & Photocopy Detection

ID Document Validation & Multi-Modal Biometrics

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Highlights of Brand Stories

Growing Challenges for The Telecom Industry

The COVID-19 Pandemic
This new virus took the world by storm and adversely affected nearly every single industry and continues to do so. The telecom industry is no exception; millions of call centers around the world were shut for months and some were put out of business permanently. No one was prepared for this and lost a lot of business due the lack of this contingency planning. Telecom operators were struggling to provide services when customers needed to stay connected the most.

With the exponential growth and advancements in technology, we have come very far; we have access to lightning fast internet and crystal clear cellular call quality all from one very pocketable device. However, as technology advances, so do the cyber criminals and hackers. These bad actors are working constantly to create malware and ransomware to try and get access to your data. Telecom operators need to constantly keep updating their firewalls and network encryption to protect their customers from these cyber attacks.

Due to increasing instances of cyber crime, regulatory authorities or governments have introduced new regulations to safeguard the personal information of telecom customers. These regulations require telecommunication companies to ask customers to present valid IDs and verify their identity. In some cases they are required to do facial matching or even biometric fingerprint authentication. This has driven up costs for telecoms and has made what was a simple job, quite a bit more complicated. 

The EU plans to provide complete 5G coverage by the year 2025 and many other countries are following this plan and dedicating resources towards a 5G future. Providing 5G coverage is not as easy as just upgrading technology, it requires a more structural change that demands a lot of time and resources. However, the move to 5G is a necessary one and also inevitable. In a few years time, if a telecom doesn’t offer 5G connectivity, they will no longer be able to compete. 

The exponential growth in technology in other sectors has also put pressure on telecom companies to change their ways and employ more advanced technologies. Especially with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers are demanding automation in all industries as well as a more personalized customer experience.


How We Can Help

Telecom Expertise

Our team has years, if not decades of experience in the telecom industry constantly helping large telecoms achieve their goals and build an overall better experience for their customers. We have worked with a number of high profile clients who have trusted us with our digital self service telecom solutions to help them step into the future of self-service. Check out some of their stories below.

Wavetec has served 150+ enterprise level customers

We believe in great customer service. That’s why we built Wavetec. And that’s why we go to great lengths to help you find the best-fitting queuing solution.

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enterprise clients

Your Questions, Answered

Frequent questions we get regarding the telecom kiosk

Is Using The Telecom Self-Service Kiosk For Transactions Safe?

Yes, transactions at our self-service kiosks are exceptionally secure. We’ve implemented stringent security measures, including advanced encryption protocols and tamper-resistant hardware, to safeguard your sensitive data and ensure a safe transaction environment.

Can I Perform Multiple Transactions In A Single Session At The Telecom Self-Service Kiosk?

Absolutely! Our self-service kiosks are designed with efficiency in mind. You can efficiently conduct multiple transactions within a single session, whether you’re paying bills, activating SIM cards, or checking account balances. This streamlined process saves you time and effort and provides a smooth user experience.

How Often Are Telecom Self-Service Kiosks Serviced And Maintained?

We prioritize the upkeep of our self-service kiosks to ensure they operate at peak performance. Our dedicated maintenance team conducts regular inspections, software updates, and hardware checks to address any issues promptly and maintain reliability.

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