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Card Issuance and Collection Solution

Transforming Everyday Transactions into Smarter Experiences

With Xpress Card solution, you can now bring card issuance and replacement one step closer to your customers.

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The World’s Most Advanced And Secure Unattended Identity Card Issuance & Collection Solution

Xpress Card is an unattended smart self service kiosk solution that enables secure dispensing of new and replacement cards in a matter of seconds, allowing your customers immediate 24/7 access and convenience.

Xpress Card transforms your collect-your-card program, enabling you to enhance or eliminate expensive locations giving you access to remote marketing and disbursement touch points.

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Designed Excellence Meets Customer Experience

Wavetec is a pioneering industry leader in the self service kiosk space with deployments across the globe. Our Card Issuance and Dispensing kiosks serve as a true value proposition for businesses who wish to equip customers with frictionless service delivery, 24/7.

Our kiosks are designed to meet the diverse needs and requirements of card dispensing as they offer flexible configuration and installation options. They can be seen at malls, retail stores, banks, and numerous other public locations.

We work very closely with our customers, enabling them to reach out to their clients with an effective and efficient card program by providing a complete range of hardware and software solutions.

  • Build Your Own Modular Kiosk
  • All-in-One Ready to Deploy Kiosk

Immersive Touch Screen Display

Smart Cash Acceptor

Document Scanning

Facial Recognition & Liveness Detection

Rapid Biometric Verification

Multiple SIM Card Dispensers

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Optimised to serve a wide
range of applications

Retail Banking

Provide your customers with a 24/7 card collection service with a multipurpose kiosk with focus on enhanced consumer experience


Enable self service for collection of NICs, Insurance & health coverage cards


Improve visibility of your loyalty card programs while eliminating expensive, staff based sales locations


Digitize issuance of patient health and Insurance card


Equip students with 24/7 card renewal and collection service outside administration operating hours


Automate license application, issuance & collection

The Value of Self-Service in the Digital Age

Self service is the way to go, given it is convenient, saves time and is contactless.

24/7 operational capability
Real-time customer care & management
Multilingual & multi currency capabilities
Pre-staged transactions with Mobile Apps
Fast & secured transactions
Reduced queue lengths and wait times
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Smart Connect Middleware

The Smart Connect Middleware solution supports a graphical view of the complete transactional activities of each machine. This is a single integration point for all kiosks and devices, facilitating quicker returns on investments by improving device availability, efficiency and reducing the timeline for marketing new initiatives.

  • Extensible platform with modules for banks, including inventory, trip management and predictive replenishment
  • Open API specification for seamless integration with existing devices
  • Live analytics and dashboards with comprehensive reports

Move Beyond Simply Sales

Meet ViaOS – A New Era of Sales & Customer Service Automation

ViaOS is a modern customer experience platform built for self-service. ViaOS is an enterprise platform, designed to enable the development, deployment, management, and monitoring of a network of self-service units.

How Can Xpress Card Solution Help You Automate Your Card Issuance Program?

We have wide ranging expertise in streamlining card issuance in banks, hospitals, pharmacies, government organizations, supermarkets, schools and retail stores. Xpress Card helps to empower you a step further in delivering seamless customer experiences.

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What are card issuance kiosks?

A card issuance kiosk seamlessly onboards a new customer and issues and dispenses a card unique to the customer.

Where can card issuance kiosks be used?

Card issuance kiosks may be used by: Banks to issue debit/credit cards, Schools to issue student IDs, Supermarkets & stores to issue loyalty/gift cards.

What features does a card issuance kiosk provide?

A card issuance kiosk is capable of registering new customers with identity verification and it can also issue a new card based on the identification data of the newly registered customer. Additional features can be added based on a client’s specification and particular use case.