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Airport And Airlines

A customized and seamless passenger experience

Wavetec offers advanced technological solutions to optimize airport queues & improve customer experience, especially prior to boarding.

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Management Needs

Airports and airlines face a growing challenge to provide enhanced customer service – with heightened security measures, frequent travel and health concerns, passengers are stressed.

This is an ever-evolving and dynamic industry as increasing numbers of passengers avail of the offered services. Onboarding and accommodating such large volumes is a tedious task when not managed well.

Companies must ensure that their service areas deliver excellence, all while accommodating high foot traffic and integrating applications to improve seamless service dispensation.

Second Section

At Wavetec we help build advanced technological solutions to provide a seamless passenger experience. Our technology promises to alleviate any negativity and difficulty, reduce queue wait times, streamline essential processes and set new levels of customer satisfaction.


Increased visitor satisfaction by 35%
Increased operational leverage
Accelerated ROI
Multilingual 24/7 operational capability
Monitor staff and service area performance
Make BI and data-driven decisions

Service Area Automation Solutions

Automate, digitize and modernize operations with our range of solutions designed with your and your passenger’s needs in mind.

Self Service solutions

Wavetec aids airport service areas in making the switch from teller-supported to self-sufficient service provision. This solution guarantees increased efficiency, improved user experience and safer visitor journeys. Wavetec’s Self Service Ticket Issuance and Collection kiosk is built to facilitate visitors in booking or collecting pre-booked tickets contactlessly and swiftly.

This also frees up staff to perform other duties. Our machines have an embedded webcam for security and are powered by ViaOS Software and Know Your Customer (KYC) verification checks.

 Want to see how our Solutions work? Our experienced product specialists will be glad to introduce you to our customizable customer experience solutions and answer any questions you may have.

Passenger Experience Solutions

Wavetec’s passenger experience solutions help raise and maintain service standards, by allowing you to organise, engage and measure passenger journeys and flows at key touch points. They include:

Exceptional service and exceptional customer experiences lead to happier customers and better financial results. Take the first step to reconstruct your retail banking customer service experience with Wavetec’s remarkable Customer Experience Solutions today.

Image Covid Sec

COVID 19 Impact on Airport & Airline Industry

COVID19 has both challenged and catalyzed change for airports and airlines. They are facing the responsibility of setting standards for SOP adherence and passenger and staff safety and care. They too see the benefits to be obtained from shifting to digital channels.

Wavetec knows how important this evolution is, and is committed to supporting and guiding airports and airlines safely through the new normal. A Wavetec-powered airport and airline service area is progressive, automated and seamlessly integrated.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Self Service: Our Empirical Analysis Snapshot

With the coronavirus outbreak, customers across the globe are having to rapidly adapt to the use of self service technology. Our snapshot report summarizes a thematic analysis of major self service trends in mobile banking during the pandemic, based on data derived from multiple global deployments.

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