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Digital Banking Solutions

Facilitate an Omnichannel Customer Experience with a Digital Branch Transformation

Streamline your customer journey with Wavetec bank branch management solutions and offer a superior branch banking customer experience solutions for all.

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Customer Flow Management Solutions

To meet current client expectations, banks and financial institutions are investing in digital capabilities. Retail banking is now increasingly focused on the acquisition of new customers through physical branches. Wavetec solutions enable this by being built sustainable, easy-to-install, scalable and available with the surety of seamless integration to core banking solutions.

Organize, engage and measure the metrics of customer journeys and flows with the following solutions.

A customer decides to visit your bank branch and schedules an online appointment via your website or application. They select the branch, the time and the services required. They receive regular notifications updating them about the appointment.

They can also cancel, reschedule or amend their booking. Branch employees can view and manage bookings. This helps them prepare for the footfall of the day.

On the day of the appointment, the customer will arrive at the branch and check-in. When their turn arrives, they will be called to the relevant counter.

Walk-in clients can join a virtual queue or a WhatsApp-powered queue. For the former, they will scan a QR code or SMS/text an available number or use the bank’s app to select a service and secure a space in the virtual queue with an electronic ticket.

For the latter, they scan a QR code and a WhatsApp chat opens where they communicate the service they want, and are regularly notified about queue status, estimated wait times and counter numbers.

While on-premises, customers are informed, greeted and guided by digital signage solutions.

Once they are served, customers will be asked to submit their feedback on physical devices present in-branch, or on their personal digital devices. This will be collected to aid in improved managerial practices.

Business intelligence, dashboards and reporting software collects data from appointment scheduling, people counting, and customer feedback to create reports so that management can address concerns, and issues in a more informed and accurate manner.

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NCR Appoints Wavetec as its Channel Partner

Meet WhatsApp Appointments, Our Brand New Solution

To meet current client expectations, banks and financial institutions are investing in digital capabilities. Now make banking appointments through WhatsApp from anywhere.

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Benefits of Customer Journey Solutions for the Bank branch

As banks are under extraordinary pressure to manage costs, progressive players are pushing for more advanced customer facing technologies, angling themselves as disruptive competitors in the market by offering customers a better customer experience through new products and improved channels.

At Wavetec, we help banks transform the branch network to offer banking services that offer exceptional customer experience and are more personal, immersive, and relevant for their role as an everyday bank.

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Swift onboarding of digital and non-digital clients


Increase Branch Revenue by over 10%


Reduce operational costs by over 5%


Manage customer footfall to increase satisfaction and CLV


Automate Cash & Cheque Deposits through Self Service Kiosks


Reduce time spent in the queue by at least 50%

Customer Journey & Flow Management Products

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Use Cases

Make customers feel welcome and valued by greeting them in a courteous and personal manner.

Solutions: Virtual Queuing, Digital Signage, Checking-in

Allow customers to queue remotely and virtually so as to avoid large crowds on-premises. This will help keep customer dissatisfaction to a minimum while allowing your ranch to make the most of their floor space to better serve and cross-sell to clients.

Solutions: Virtual Queuing, WhatsApp Queuing

Ensure that your service delivery and standards meet and exceed industry standards.

Solutions: Spectra Dashboards and Reporting

Make sure your customers are satisfied with the level of services you are providing. Maintain NPS and collect feedback statistics to help management work on areas that need improvement and change.

Solutions: Customer Feedback

Categorize customers according to the services they choose to avail of, thereby ensuring they are served quickly. Create different journey flows for VIP clients, or those with specialized needs.

Solutions: Priority calling, Lobby Leader application

Use digital signage solutions to advertise and market new offerings, new services, discounts and promotional offers to waiting customers. Use your physical branch as a marketing opportunity!

Solutions: Digital Signage

Enable potential walk-in customers to check for available service and appointment slots, via their digital device or a kiosk.

Solutions: Self service kiosks

Customers need help? Now they can get it instantly and effectively with telephonic and video conversations with technical support staff.

Solutions: Telephone and video calling customer support

Treat the customer as a valued individual, not just a number. Customer satisfaction responds well to personalized care, specific to their unique needs and wants.

Solutions: Queue Management, Appointment booking, Real-time notifications and updates

Ensure that all t’s are crossed and are dotted, with compliance measures and audit requirements.

Solutions: Queue Management, KYC, Biometrics verification, Spectra Reporting

For the most often used services, create a streamlined and swift means of queuing. Customers who arrive to make cash deposits or transfers should be given the option to run errands and complete important tasks while waiting to reach the front of the queue.

Solutions: Queue Management, WhatsApp Queuing

Move over virtual queuing! Mobile branches, allowing for services to be availed on-the-go, make banking simple and accessible for anyone. These are available through bank applications for mobiles.

Solutions: Queue Management, Virtual Queuing

Self Service Products

Use Cases 

Enable customers to deposit cash in bulk and cheques without the need to interact with a bank teller or having to step inside a branch at all with Azimut’s cash & check deposit solutions. Our CDMs also have the ability to scan and reject mutilated or counterfeit bank notes.

Solutions: Cash Deposit machine, KYC, checks

Know Your Customer with realtime KYC checks using state of the art identity verification technology:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Liveness Detection
  • Biometric Fingerprint Scanning
  • ID Document Scanning & Verification

Solutions: KYC

Our card issuance solution activates and dispenses debit cards instantly after successful onboarding of a new customer that takes minutes with realtime KYC and a built in ID document scanner.

Solutions: Card issuing machine

ViaOS, our kiosk operating system has the ability to integrate with mobile wallets and supports payments towards mobile wallet top-ups.

Solutions: Cash deposit machine

Customers can make payments towards mobile and utility bills by walking up to our banking kiosks and selecting the bill payment service to transfer money towards bill payments.

Solutions: Cash and Cheque Deposit machine

Serve customers around the clock with kiosks that have 24/7 operational capability and aren’t limited by branch operating hours.

Solutions: Self service kiosks

ViaOS allows you to provide a very personalized customer experience by studying customer purchase patterns and recommending the most relevant products and services to each customer.

Solutions: Priority calling, ViaOS

Our kiosks can be configured to display promotional content like advertisements during idle hours. The kiosks are equipped with proximity sensors that detect when a customer walks up and automatically switch back to service mode.

Solutions: Digital Signage

Equip customers with the ability to make transfers between accounts be it the same bank, any other bank, or even mobile wallets.

Solutions: Cash Deposit machine

Azimut’s kiosks come equipped with cameras, microphones and the ability to video conference with the user of the kiosk so that a representative from a remote location can provide live support and enable instant conflict resolution.

Solutions: Telephone and video calling customer support

Our kiosk software, ViaOS, is built on a familiar and open source Android SDK enabling easy integration of existing mobile banking applications.

Solutions; APIs, ViaOS

Generate reports and consult dashboards with real-time information to understand indicators of business performance. Use these to inform your policies and decisions going ahead.

Solutions: Spectra Dashboards and Reporting

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Download our Branch Transformation Product Catalogue to find out how Wavetec’s innovative hardware and software solutions that can help you reform delivery of key services and deliver client experiences which are a best fit for your business needs.

Complete Product Catalogue & Specs

Banorte addresses pandemic with WhatsApp Queuing

Hosted by RBR, and featuring details from and discussion of Banorte’s experience, this event will explore the use of Wavetec’s WhatsApp Queuing solution in 975 bank branches across Mexico.

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