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Wavetec Self Service Banking Products

Embracing Digital Transformation: The Future Of Banking

Learn how Wavetec’s self-service kiosks for account opening, cheque depositing and SIM dispensing can enable you and your customers to carry out flexible and convenient transactions 24/7.

Working Brand

Self Service Banking
& Cash System

Digital integration is a key to success, but can not come at the expense of customer and business relationships. And that is where we come in, our self service banking solutions are tailored to help you drive branch efficiency and grow your revenue. Let’s work together to transform your business and shift the existing banking paradigm.

Cardless Bulk CDM

Extended KYC Capabilities with C-Quick

Meet C-Quick, Azimut’s cardless bulk cash deposit machine. C-Quick, unlike traditional ATMs, doesn’t need a debit card to operate. With simple yet secure KYC workflows, users can deposit large sums of cash to any bank account with ease and peace of mind. Backed by our state of the art kiosk operating system, ViaOS, C-Quick is impenetrable by bad actors and kept up to date with the latest security protocols.

  • Cardless operation
  • Extended KYC capabilities
  • Bulk deposit capacity
  • Extra large escrow

Card & Cash Dispenser

KYC Instant Card Issuance Kiosk

Designed to deliver the right consumer experience

Most banks have similar requirements of their branches: better service efficiency and differentiation from competitors, which can help increase sales. Such efficiency and differentiation can be achieved through the use of technology.

Wavetec has developed innovative hardware and software solutions to make complex processes a lot simpler. Our biometrically secure KYC Instant Card Issuance & cash dispenser kiosks can help your branch dispense debit and credit cards to your customers in a span of just 5 seconds. An end-to-end solution, the kiosk delivers an enhanced and secure customer experience offering 24/7 service accessibility to your customers.

  • Instantly dispenses cards in 5 seconds
  • Biometric verification integrated with the bank & local agencies
  • Cash deposit functionality
  • Decreases bank & STA operational cost by 15%

Cash & Cheque Deposit Kiosk

Meet the Diverse Needs of Today’s
Empowered Consumers

Over one-third of each branch’s traffic consists primarily of cheque clearance. Waiting in queues for simple tasks such as depositing of cash and cheques can be found to be futile by customers. Wavetec’s Cash and Cheque Deposit Kiosk allows customers to deposit multiple cheques and deposit cash in just a few minutes enhancing your branch’s service deliverability. The kiosk minimizes queues at the branch and allows customers to conveniently access the service.

  • Minimized operational cost
  • 24-hour service availability
  • Deposits cheques and cash within minutes
  • Can be fully integrated with multiple Cheque Truncation Systems

Cheque Deposit Kiosk

Designed to Offer Customer Convenience and Enable Banks to Maximize Operational Efficiency

Wavetec’s Cheque Deposit Kiosk allows customers to deposit multiple cheques in just a few minutes. The kiosk minimizes queues at the branch and allows customers to conveniently access the service. As over one-third of branch traffic consists primarily of cheque clearance, waiting in queues for simple tasks can be found tedious by customers.

Once the cheque is inserted, the machine has the capability to read the MICR and extract all the relevant information from it. The kiosk provides customers an instant receipt with a scanned copy of the cheque as a proof of transaction in case of disputes. The entire process is finished within minutes, resulting in shorter queues, providing a seamless and enhanced customer experience.

  • 24-hour service availability
  • Management information System (MIS) Reports
  • Deposit cheques within minutes
  • Fully integratable with multiple Cheque Truncation Systems

Digital transformation of ViaOS

Improve customer engagement by providing self-service capabilities to your customers online or through mobile integration. With ViaOS, you can support real-time, two-way communication between your business and your customers.

Hardware pinning

Supports hardware verification at bootup and application initialization.

Remote Support & Upgrade

Reduces site visits – securely updates and runs diagnostics
for devices remotely.

Mutual Verification

Uses modern, standard-compliant cryptography that allows both the server and the client to mutually verify and develop trust.


An Android based SDK, that provides a familiar development environment that allows us to customize and reuse the existing assets and expertise.