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Wavetec Self Service Banking Kiosk

Embracing Digital Transformation: The Future Of Banking

Learn how Wavetec’s self service banking kiosk for account opening, cheque depositing and cash dispensing can enable you and your customers to carry out flexible and convenient transactions 24/7.

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Self Service Banking
& Cash System

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Digital integration is a key to success, but can not come at the expense of customer and business relationships. And that is where we come in, our self service banking solutions are tailored to help you drive branch efficiency and grow your revenue. Let’s work together to transform your business and shift the existing banking paradigm.

Wavetec Self Service Banking Products

Wavetec Self Service bank kiosk Products provide a comprehensive suite of features to help streamline banking operations and deliver superior customer service. Our products offer cheque processing, custom dashboards, hardware monitoring and management, transaction & location management, alert management, KYC for customer onboarding and much more.


Cheque Processing

With Wavetec Self Service Banking Products, banks can streamline the process of cheque processing and quickly capture signatures with our integrated biometric authentication. Our cheque deposit kiosk is also equipped to recognize multiple types of cheques ensuring maximum accuracy.


Custom Dashboards

We provide advanced analytics capabilities such as custom dashboards which allow users to gain insights into key performance metrics across branches. This helps banks identify trends, monitor performance and make informed decisions quickly.


Hardware Monitoring & Management

Our products feature advanced hardware monitoring and management capabilities which allow users to remotely manage kiosks from one centralised location. This ensures that all machines are running at optimal levels for best customer experience.


Transaction & Location Management

Wavetec Self Service Banking Products provide comprehensive transaction and location management capabilities which allow users to track the status of transactions in real-time. Additionally, our products are equipped with geo-tracking features which enable banks to assign specific locations for kiosks.


Alert Management

We also offer alert management capabilities which help banks stay informed about any issues or incidents that may occur. Our advanced alert systems can notify banks via email, text message or other communication channels in order to ensure maximum uptime for kiosks.


KYC for Customer Onboarding

Wavetec Self Service Banking Products come with KYC (Know Your Customer) capabilities which allow customers to quickly onboard and complete transactions without the need of a physical presence. This helps banks provide a seamless customer experience and streamline the onboarding process.

With Wavetec Self Service Banking Products, banks can ensure that all operations are running smoothly and efficiently while delivering superior customer service. Our comprehensive suite of features will help you take your banking operations to the next level.

Cardless Bulk CDM

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Extended KYC Capabilities with C-Quick

Meet C-Quick, Azimut’s cardless bulk cash deposit machine. C-Quick, unlike traditional ATMs, doesn’t need a debit card to operate. With simple yet secure KYC workflows, users can deposit large sums of cash to any bank account with ease and peace of mind. Backed by our state of the art kiosk operating system, ViaOS, C-Quick is impenetrable by bad actors and kept up to date with the latest security protocols.

  • Cardless operation
  • Extended KYC capabilities
  • Bulk deposit capacity
  • Extra large escrow

Card & Cash Dispenser


KYC Instant Card Issuance Kiosk

Designed to deliver the right consumer experience

Most banks have similar requirements of their branches: better service efficiency and differentiation from competitors, which can help increase sales. Such efficiency and differentiation can be achieved through the use of technology.

Wavetec has developed innovative hardware and software solutions to make complex processes a lot simpler. Our biometrically secure KYC Instant Card Issuance & cash dispenser kiosks can help your branch dispense debit and credit cards to your customers in a span of just 5 seconds. An end-to-end solution, the kiosk delivers an enhanced and secure customer experience offering 24/7 service accessibility to your customers.

  • Instantly dispenses cards in 5 seconds
  • Biometric verification integrated with the bank & local agencies
  • Cash deposit functionality
  • Decreases bank & STA operational cost by 15%

Cash & Cheque Deposit Kiosk


Meet the Diverse Needs of Today’s
Empowered Consumers

Over one-third of each branch’s traffic consists primarily of cheque clearance. Waiting in queues for simple tasks such as depositing of cash and cheques can be found to be futile by customers. Wavetec’s Cash and Cheque Deposit Kiosk allows customers to deposit multiple cheques and deposit cash in just a few minutes enhancing your branch’s service deliverability. The kiosk minimizes queues at the branch and allows customers to conveniently access the service.

  • Minimized operational cost
  • 24-hour service availability
  • Deposits cheques and cash within minutes
  • Can be fully integrated with multiple Cheque Truncation Systems

Cheque Deposit Kiosk


Designed to Offer Customer Convenience and Enable Banks to Maximize Operational Efficiency

Wavetec’s Cheque Deposit Kiosk allows customers to deposit multiple cheques in just a few minutes. The kiosk minimizes queues at the branch and allows customers to conveniently access the service. As over one-third of branch traffic consists primarily of cheque clearance, waiting in queues for simple tasks can be found tedious by customers.

Once the cheque is inserted, the machine has the capability to read the MICR and extract all the relevant information from it. The kiosk provides customers an instant receipt with a scanned copy of the cheque as a proof of transaction in case of disputes. The entire process is finished within minutes, resulting in shorter queues, providing a seamless and enhanced customer experience.

  • 24-hour service availability
  • Management information System (MIS) Reports
  • Deposit cheques within minutes
  • Fully integratable with multiple Cheque Truncation Systems

Industries Transformed

Wavetec solutions have provided digital transformation services to businesses practicing in multiple industries. Be it healthcare, banking, retail or financial markets. Globally, more than 2 million people from different industries pass through our customer
experience solutions daily.


Digital transformation of ViaOS

Improve customer engagement by providing self-service capabilities to your customers online or through mobile integration. With ViaOS, you can support real-time, two-way communication between your business and your customers.

Hardware pinning

Supports hardware verification at bootup and application initialization.

Remote Support & Upgrade

Reduces site visits – securely updates and runs diagnostics
for devices remotely.

Mutual Verification

Uses modern, standard-compliant cryptography that allows both the server and the client to mutually verify and develop trust.


An Android based SDK, that provides a familiar development environment that allows us to customize and reuse the existing assets and expertise.


What is Banking Kiosk?

Banking kiosks are automated self-service machines that offer consumers a wide range of banking services. These kiosks provide customers with access to their accounts and banking services without having to wait in line or speak with bank employees. Banking kiosks often feature touch screens, cash dispensers, card readers, and other sophisticated technology for interactive customer service. Services offered by banking kiosks can include making deposits, withdrawing funds from an ATM, transferring funds between accounts, paying bills online, ordering checks and more.
By using a banking kiosk, customers can perform many transactions quickly and conveniently without ever having to step foot inside the bank. Bank employees are also able to monitor the activities occurring at each booth through remote monitoring systems. This helps them ensure security and protect customers from fraud.

What Are The Benefits of Kiosk Banking?

Kiosk banking offers a number of benefits for both customers and banks. For customers, the convenience and speed of kiosks make it easy to access banking services on their own terms. The technology also increases security, as transactions are carefully monitored by bank staff through remote monitoring systems. Furthermore, these machines can reduce wait times in-branch significantly and help banks manage peak periods more effectively. Additionally, they help save costs by freeing up resources such as staffing costs which can be redirected elsewhere within the organization. Finally, because they do not require any human interaction or contact points, kiosks provide an extra layer of safety during the pandemic, keeping customers and staff safe.
With Wavetec's self-service banking kiosks, banks can give their customers the convenience, speed, and security they need for day-to-day banking activities. All these benefits make kiosk banking an attractive option for both businesses and consumers alike. By using this technology, banks are able to offer a more efficient and cost effective service that meets the demands of today’s customers.