Ensuring seamless patient flow at laboratories for better experiences & smooth patient reception and handling

Laboratories are an extremely important aspect of healthcare that conduct medical tests, analyse test results and submit test reports.
Due to the nature of their critical services, laboratories encounter heavy patient footfall and traffic.

Wavetec’s Patient Flow Management systems are specially designed to help laboratories manage their patient flow effectively and
keep service quality consistent while ensuring that resources are better utilized and patient waiting times are minimized.

Streamline the Customer Experience

Manage customer flow &
direct patients to required counters

Centrally controlled and modular queuing solution

Customizable solutions allow ticket transfer for availing multiple services

Scalable to any number of clinics and to any size of staff

Dashboards and statistical reports to analyze operational efficiency

Typical Patient Journey at Your Laboratory

1. Patients visit lab for:

• Information
• Various lab Tests
• Blood Donation
• Procedure
• Lab Test report collection

2. Patients take a ticket via

• Ticketing kiosks at the lab.
• Website
• Mobile App

3. Patients do not need to stand in a queue and wait for their turn in the waiting area. They check ticket numbers on queuing displays. When turn arrives, patients are called by their ticket number on electronic displays.

•  CDU      •  Vertica
•  SDU      •  Linea
•  LCD      •  LED

4.  Laboratory Staff inform patients about their turn through

•  Calling App on Tablet
•  Calling software on computer
•  Teller Station Calling Unit

5.  Patients move to the relevant counter to be served. Tickets are transferred to subsequent counters when patients want to avail more than one service.

Restructuring patient flow at laboratories

Considering the varied nature of customer flows at a laboratory and the wide-ranging and detailed nature of work, it is important to construct workflows that allow customers to be direcvted to different service counters easily and have a hassle-free service experience.

Virtual Queuing System

Fast moving solution that allows all patients to
wait in a single line and be served on a first come
first served basis. As soon as required service
counter is open, the next patient in line moves
towards that counter.

Linear Queuing system

Suitable for large laboratories, this allows
patients to take an appointment online or via app,
or take a ticket at the laboratory.
Laboratory staff press calling button to alert
customers. Customers check ticket number on
queue displays that also direct customers
towards the relevant counter.

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Live dashboards, queuing statistics and user generated reports give an in-depth idea of patient journey metrics at laboratories. Managers access real time business intelligence reports and dashboards through a centralized reporting system.

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Patient Journey Systems at laboratories can be customized and implemented according to specific customer flow patterns at a laboratory to cater to custom flows and streamline patient journey.

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Wavetec systems are scalable to manage patient flow at private (community) laboratories and hospital laboratories

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  • Can be integrated with Digital Signage solution
    to engage patients while they wait for their turn, inform them about different tests, precautions and prevention measures.
  • Integrated with Customer Feedback System to
    find out customers opinions about the service they received.
  • Advanced appointment system, to enable patients
    to take an appointment through our kiosks or their smart phones with our waiting app, MobileQ.

Wavetec Queue Management Solution, integrated with
Our Digital signage & Feedback Customer Experience
can transform your Lab flow.

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