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Telecom SIM
Dispensing Kiosk

for Customer Service Automation

Wavetec’s fully integrated self service platform, complete with modular hardware, sophisticated middleware and a telemetry platform, promises market-leading flexibility and customization to self service projects for telecoms worldwide.

Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom
Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

In Many Locations, Over 60% of Transactions Happen Outside Standard Working Hours

Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

Wavetec’s Instant Sim Issuance Kiosk allows customers to register for a new SIM card in a matter of minutes, with 24/7 availability at any location. With KYC Instant Sim Vending kiosk, Telecoms can now replace branches. This mobile money module allows our self service solutions to act as a full mobile money agent with Cash-in / Cash-out capabilities.

Be Where Your Customers Are!

Data from Self-Service Vending Machine Deployments

Wavetec’s industry proven Telecom Self Service solution will help your business save money, promote growth and create a “value-proposition” for your customers. The Smart Self Service Vending solution operates as a customer service point and supplements your existing sale channels, while empowering your customers to enjoy seamless engagement on-demand.

Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

Our back-to-back fully integrated “smart solution” creates an omnichannel frictionless experience while ensuring total management control and confidence. Solution features include the capability to instantly issue & activate sim cards, manage top-ups, and undertake a full array of wallet-based banking. In addition our software modules include real-time business intelligence, enhanced KYC processing, machine health monitoring and inventory management.

40% Higher Average Order Value (AOV) for Mobile Wallet Transactions
Over 60% of transactions happen outside standard working hours
Return on
investment typical in
4-8 months
Make better
BI & Data-driven

Help Your Business Grow With the
World Leading Solutions Provider

24/7 Self-service operational
Reduction in staff operational cost
Increased sales network coverage
Telco specific UI’s with multilingual functionalities
Integrate with Mobile Apps and wallets
Sim dispensing within 2 minutes
Manages real-time customer feedback from a central point
Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

Automate Registration & KYC with Multimodal Biometrics

Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

KYC Instant SIM Card
Issuance kiosk

The turnkey signage software has a separate component for designing and scheduling, that provides organizations with advanced tools and canvas to create and manage content on the fly, and also to keep it informative, engaging and relevant.

Immersive Touch Screen Display

The full HD display with incredible details and vivid colors .

Facial Recognition and Liveness detection

Uses stereo camera based liveness detection and facial matching.

Smart Cash Acceptor

Accepts all major currencies with dual locks.

Rapid Biometric Verification

Multi-modal biometric support.

Document Scanning

ID document scanning and authentication with flexible ICR & NFC support reducing user interaction time significantly.

Multiple SIM Card Dispensers

Multiple, extended capacity SIM card dispensers.
Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom
Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

Face Detection Via
KYC Integeration

Self service customer experience while maintaining the highest levels of service delivery efficiency and quality. Our Instant Sim Issuance Kiosk is equipped with out-of-the-box functionality that captures fingerprint, iris and facial biometric data using Wavetec’s best-in-class software platform.

QR- code scanning

Get all your information on the kiosk by simply
scanning your QR code with the mobile operator app.

SIM-card dispensing

Get your SIM card with one-touch

SIM – card activation

The mobile operator receives client data
and activates your SIM- card

Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

Mobile Integration

With the power of Mobile Integration and ViaOS, customers can seamlessly complete their transactions on the kiosks by scanning a QR code, allowing pre-staging of complex transactions and reducing user interaction time by over.


A user-friendly website for smartphones,
tablets and laptops

Plans and Pricing

Select your desired service plan

Identity Verification

Customer ID Verification using Wavetec’s KYC providers

Generating a QR code

Scan your QR code after payment

Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

Help your business grow with the world leading solution provider

Allow your customers to queue virtually using their phones to access your ticket less system.

  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Enterprise User Access Control
  • Analytics
  • Inventory Management
  • Operation Management
  • KYC Solutions (Know Your Customer)
Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

Kcell Kazakhstan Offers an Omnichannel Experience with SIMVEND

KCell chose Azimut’s modular SIMVEND platform to power its telco self service requirement and deployed 5 kiosks in 5 different locations. KCell customers can now access these services 24/7 at the self service kiosks:

  • New SIM purchase & registration
  • SIM replacement
  • Mobile top-up
  • eSIM activation
Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

Cable & Wireless Seychelles

Cable & Wireless addressed their customer’s self service needs by deploying 45 SIMVEND kiosks across 35 locations in Seychelles, enriching customer experience by adding a whole suite of new services:

  • Introduction of card and online payment facility
  • Addition of new flows and their effective marketing through the kiosk, in its capacity as digital signage
  • Instant and prepaid SIM issuance and dispensing
  • Bill payments using QR and barcode scanning
  • Booster purchases – for internet and mobile phone data package
  • Availability of services 24/7
  • eTopUp services

Move Beyond Sales

Meet ViaOS – A New Era of Sales &
Customer Service Automation

ViaOS is a modern customer experience platform built for self service. ViaOS is an enterprise platform, designed to enable the development, deployment, management, and monitoring of a network on self-service units.

Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

Instant Sim Issuance Whenever, Wherever

With Azimut’s Sim Dispensing Kiosk, your customers can purchase a sim card at any hour of the day and that too within minutes.

Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

Capacitive Touch Display

The ten-point multitouch technology emulates a very similar experience to a smartphone or tablet making the kiosk very user friendly.

Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

Document Scanner

This ID document scanner can identify counterfeit or photocopied documents and also has built-in OCR and NFC reading capabilities to meet the KYC requirements of any region.

Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

Sim Dispensing Module

SimVend supports ICCID based issuance and instant sim card activation along with an extended capacity sim card vault with the ability to dispense multiple sim cards.

Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

Facial Recognition & Liveness Detection

Azimut’s Sim Dispensing Kiosk houses a suite of cameras and sensors to verify the user’s face against ID documents or a backend biometric system.

Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

Smart Cash Recycler

The sim issuance kiosk can be programmed to accept and dispense any currency. It has an industry standard vault with dual locks, remote unlock and an extra large cash holding capacity.

Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom

Biometric Scanner

SimVend has flexible options for multi modal biometric integration i.e. it supports fingerprint, iris and facial scanning and verification depending on your needs.

Early Empirical Analysis. Covid-19 Impact on Self Service

We have wide ranging expertise in equipping service areas in banks, hospitals, pharmacies, government organizations, supermarkets and retail stores. Our self service solutions help empower you to take a step further in delivering seamless customer experiences.

Sim Dispensing Kiosk - Telecom


How long does it take to purchase a SIM card with SIMVEND?

SIMVEND’s intuitive UI helps customers register and dispense a new SIM card in as little as two minutes

What is KYC?

KYC, short for Know Your Customer, are guidelines that require businesses to verify the identity of their customers, often requiring biometric fingerprint facial recognition

Where can these kiosks be installed?

SIMVEND kiosks, ideally, are installed in public locations with heavy foot traffic, such as shopping malls, commercial areas, outside physical telco stores, airports and hotels.