Telecom SIM Dispensing Kiosk for
Customer Service Automation

Wavetec’s fully integrated self service platform integrated modular hardware
and our sophisticated middleware and telemetry platform to provide market leading flexibility and
customisation to self service projects for telecoms worldwide.

In many locations, over 80% of transactions happen outside standard working hours

Wavetec’s Instant Sim Issuance Kiosk which allows customers to register for a new SIM card in a matter of minutes, 24/7 at any location. With KYC Instant Sim Issuance kiosk, Telecoms can now replace branches and offer 24/7 service accessibility. With our mobile money module, our self service solutions act as a full mobile money agent with Cash-in / Cash-out capabilities.

KYC Instant SIM Issuance kiosk

Immersive Touch Screen Display
The full HD display with incredible details and vivid colors is optimum for running advertisements at idle times, added with a high resolution 10 points capacitive touch screen with optional privacy wall.

Document scanning
ID document scanning and authentication has the capability to identify the difference between original documents and reproductions. Flexible OCR and NFC support to automatically extract and verify data for KYC.

Multiple SIM Card Dispensers
Multiple, extended capacity SIM card dispensers that support ICCID based issuance and instant activation

Facial Recognition and Liveness detection
Uses stereo camera based liveness detection and facial matching against ID documents or a biometric backend system

Rapid Biometric Verification
Multi-modal biometric support, including fingerprint, iris and facial biometrics with flexible integration options

Smart Cash Acceptor
Accepts all major currencies. Industry-standard vault with dual locks and remote unlock extra large cash capacity.

Go where your customers are:
Data from self-service deployments



Transactions happen during business hours

120 Seconds

Average time per transactions


Increase in customer satisfaction


Reduced operational cost

Face Detection Via
KYC Integeration

Self service customer experience while maintaining the highest levels of service delivery efficiency and quality. Our Instant Sim Issuance Kiosk is equipped with out-of-the-box functionality that captures fingerprint, iris and facial biometric data using Wavetec’s best-in-class software platform.

  • QR- code scanning

    Get all your information on the kiosk by simply
    scanning your QR code with the mobile operator app.

  • SIM-card dispensing

    Get your SIM card with one-touch

  • SIM - card activation

    The mobile operator receives client data
    and activates your SIM- card


Mobile Integration

With the power of Mobile Integration and ViaOS, customers can seamlessly complete their transactions on the kiosks by scanning a QR code, allowing pre-staging of complex transactions and reducing user interaction time by over.

  • Website

    A user-friendly website for smartphones,
    tablets and laptops

  • Plans and Pricings

    Select your desired service plan

  • Identity Verification

    Customer ID Verification using Wavetec’s KYC providers

  • Generating a QR code

    Scan your QR code after payment

We work together with clients
to build analytics-driven
customer journeys

  • Real-time monitoring

    Monitors all connected kiosks and components in real time with flexible alert and escalation policies 

  • Enterprise User Access Control

    Enterprise level user access control with customisable data visibility and
    rights to manage groups and individuals.

  • Analytics

    Monitor transactions, revenue and profitability in real time with actionable intelligence to improve revenue and optimise deployments

  • Inventory Management

    Efficiently track inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries through real-time data.

  • Operation Management

    Provides day to day operations overview to operation managers helping them improve control, efficiency, quality, and enable lean practices.

  • KYC

    Verify the customer identity from the backend to ensure there is no fraudulent activity

Want to see how our Solutions work?

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Digital transformation of ViaOS

Improve customer engagement by providing self-service capabilities to your customers online or through mobile integration.
With ViaOS, you can support real-time, two-way communication between your business and your customers.


Hardware pinning

Supports hardware verification at
bootup and application initialization.

Remote Support & Upgrade

Reduces site visits – securely updates
and runs diagnostics for devices remotely.

Mutual Verification

Uses modern, standard-compliant cryptography
that allows both the server and the client to mutually verify and develop trust.


An Android based SDK, that provides a familiar development
environment that allows us to customize and reuse the
existing assets and expertise.
Case Studies

To find out more how we are transforming the customer journey through innovation and service excellence, have a look at some of the ways Wavetec’s solutions have helped businesses all over the world.