Developing and Implementing Customized Solutions

Customer centric organizations recognise the paramount importance of service areas. Engaging customers while they wait, efficiently dealing with needs, and providing information are all concerns. Our signage and LED display solutions help you interact with and target your customer.


Helping you better understand your customers

The telecom industry worldwide is dynamic. This is primarily due to an increasing number of people connecting -and reconnecting as new applications and cellular services are developed. Mobile user needs are expanding, leading to telecom companies challenged to ensure that their service areas deliver excellence. Telecom retail outlets experience a high visitation of customers. We have therefore crafted a practical queue system that helps you to optimize your service area. Our intelligent system connects your customer to the right service representative, creating increased satisfaction and customer delight.


SIM Dispensing Kiosk is built to serve the telecom industry providing all the key services. The kiosk replaces the telecom franchise allowing customers to get an activated and registered SIM card from a one-stop solution. Each machine is capable of handling over 150 transactions per day. The kiosk also offers easy access to mobile wallet, bill payments, withdrawal and additional options based on client requirements.

  • Ability to dispense and activate new SIM, renew SIM, top-up mobile balance, or change telecom package plan
  • Biometric Verification
  • Embedded webcam for security
  • Cash-based transactions
  • Integrated with mobile wallet
  • Cash withdrawal
sim dispenser kiosk kiosks wavetec self service

Other Solutions

Queue management wavetec kiosk qms

Queue Management System

Wavetec’s turnkey enterprise solution is designed to help businesses manage service areas effectively, reduce waiting times & improve service efficiency.

Customer feedback wavetec cfu kiosk

Customer Feedback

Opinion Plus – An advanced feedback system that facilitates businesses to collect  real-time information about customer opinions and service experiences.

donatello wavetec display digitaldisplay

Digital Signage

Plug n Play digital signage solutions to enable customer engagement at key customer touch points and help businesses effectively play and schedule digital signage content.

Self Service Kiosks

Our range of self-service kiosks gives your customers the choice and flexibility to carry out their transactions at any location more conveniently.