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Wavetec offers the best telecom self service solutions to optimize service operations, connect customers to the right service representative and set new levels of customer satisfaction.

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Telecom Management Needs

The telecom industry is ever-evolving and dynamic as increasing numbers of customers connect and reconnect to new applications and cellular services. Onboarding such large volumes is a tedious task when not managed well. Companies must ensure that their service areas deliver excellence, all while accommodating high foot traffic and integrating applications to improve seamless service dispensation.

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Enforce Social Distancing and Occupancy Limits
Increase customer satisfaction by 30%
Reduce customer wait time by 50% and manage queue lengths
Integrations with messaging apps, appointment scheduling and feedback systems.
Customisable and centrally controlled
Real-time analysis and reporting via Spectra Dashboards

Branch Automation Solutions

Automate, digitise and modernise branch operations with our range of solutions designed with your and your customer’s needs in mind.

Self Service solutions

Wavetec aids telecom businesses in making the switch from teller-supported to self-sufficient service provision. This solution guarantees increased branch efficiency, improved user experience and growing customer onboarding. Wavetec’s SIM card Dispensing kiosk is built to facilitate customers in activating and registering their SIM card seamlessly and swiftly. Handling thousands of transactions a day, they are equipped to dispense, activate and renew SIMs complete with biometric verification, top-up mobile balance, conduct cash-based transactions and change telecom package plans. Our machines have an embedded webcam for security and can be integrated with mobile wallets. Powered by ViaOS Software and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, this is a one-stop shop solution for telecoms.

Telecom Customer Experience Solutions

Wavetec’s telecom customer experience solutions help raise and maintain service standards, by allowing you to organize, engage and measure customer journeys and flows at key touch points. They include: