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September 7, 2016
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April 4, 2016

Malta Stock Exchange upgrades information dissemination channels with Wavetec’s Display Solution

About BMV

The Malta Stock Exchange began its trading operations in 1992. It is a fully-fledged regulated market that conducts all the stock market operations and is a perfect venue to raise capital finance in Malta.
The main objective of MSE is to facilitate capital formation in the public and private sector by developing and operating a fair, liquid, and efficient securities market for the ultimate benefit of investors and issuers whilst adding value to its shareholders. It has a market capitalization of $12,017 million today.


Project Requirements

Malta stock Exchange wanted to upgrade its information dissemination mechanism to exhibit its commitment to stakeholders and to be at par with the leading stock exchanges of the world.

Shifting to LED and LCD displays was a major decision for the Exchange as it didn’t have any technological displays before. The management of the Exchange required displays to create public awareness the activities undertaken at MSE to demonstrate commitment of the institution towards real-time information dissemination and transparency.

In order to revamp how financial data is relayed to stakeholders, MSE chose Wavetec Financial Display Solutions, primarily because of its unique turn-key solution and its extensive experience of providing advanced financial market displays to over 25 stock exchanges across the globe.

The management identified the need to renovate the information distribution channels in real time, noticing the possibility to replace the obsolete information conveying instruments. Accordingly, Wavetec conducted a thorough diagnosis of the Exchange’s site and its mechanisms to come up with a tailor-made solution to cater to its needs, objectives and expectations.


Wavetec proposed a turnkey solution to install advanced financial market displays that would transform the trend of dissemination of financial information at the Exchange, which is critical for the investors, shareholders, and brokers’ decision making process.

The challenge was to deliver displays that would enhance the outlook of the Exchange, be visible from key touch points and show financial data in various ways.

The immersive and contemporary displays show trading information, top and bottom, government bonds, indexes, news, market summaries, company logos, and live TV.

Wavetec delivered a large 3×4 LCD Video Wall, an impressive indoor ticker, and an LED Display. Wavetec’s Display Specialists worked hard on real time integration with Malta Stock Exchange’s database to fetch financial data on the display software and project real-time information.

The Management of the Exchange is delighted with the solution and its results. Malta Stock Exchange’s Chairman remarked:

“We were extremely pleased with Wavetec’s efficiency and professionalism and expect to utilize their services again should we expand our video displays. Their responsiveness was excellent and thus far the quality of the technology has been very good. The feedback we have received from visitors coming to the Exchange enjoying the highly impressive displays has been very positive.  The attraction of the displays has exceeded our expectations and we owe much thanks and appreciation to Wavetec for a very positive overall experience.”  

The grand video wall and the ticker have contributed towards the aesthetic appeal of the Exchange, making it look the leading Exchanges in the world. Located in one of the most popular tourist spots of Malta, the Exchange is attracting lots of visitors who now understand what the building signifies.