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February 28, 2015
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Wavetec helps Muscat Securities market to promote public dissemination of Financial Information

Muscat Securities Market required a new solution pertaining to their Information Display and Management needs. They wanted a solution that would not only be aesthetically pleasing but also be practical and help the management achieve their goals of public dissemination of all financial information to ensure complete transparency of all the transactions taking place at the Muscat Securities Market. After a few meetings and discussions with the management of Muscat Securities Market, all their requirements were assessed and then Wavetec provided the Muscat Securities Market with a complete, fully customized end-to-end solution taking care of all their expectations from the new Information Display and Management System.<br Reasons showing the need for Wavetec’s services

  • The biggest reason for the Muscat Securities to update their display systems was to bring their stock exchange at par with the world’s leading stock exchanges.
  • Given the sensitivity of the data which is displayed in a stock exchange Muscat Securities required an extremely reliable solution with absolutely no margin of error.
  • Muscat securities required top-notch quality displays with 100% readability and required them to be installed at strategic locations, to optimize the viewing angle of the investors.
  • A one window solution which would take care of everything.

What Wavetec provided

  • ter a thorough assessment of all the needs of the Muscat Securities Market, Wavetec provided them with a complete end to end solution.
  • Wavetec provided Muscat Securities with five Tri-Color L.E.D. walls each measuring a staggering 7m2, one Full-Color L.E.D. wall again measuring 7m2, one Full-Color L.E.D. ticker 15 meters long, another Tri-Color L.E.D. ticker 15 meters long and one 20 meter long ticker, which was installed outside the building and optimized for maximum legibility in outdoor conditions.
  • In addition to all the hardware, Wavetec provided Muscat Securities with a software that would help them control all the data flowing to all the L.E.D. walls and tickers from a central location. The software also has the capability to handle live data updates, an essential feature required by all the Stock Exchanges worldwide.
  • While installing all the displays and the tickers, the ambiance of the trading hall and the readability angles of the investors were fully taken into account by Wavetec’s installation crew.

Benefits for Muscat Securities

  • Muscat Securities is now recognized worldwide for its state of the art indoor and outdoor displays.
  • With the ability to now provide real-time updates, Muscat Securities, achieved their goal of transparent and public dissemination of information.
  • The outdoor ticker provides instant recognition of the stock exchange and all the indoor tickers have made a significant contribution to uplift the image of Muscat Securities Exchange as a leading financial market.

As a continuing process in the development of the securities market, the Muscat Securities Market has developed its regulations to provide information and financial data relating to the performance of the Market and all listed companies directly to investors through a highly advanced electronic trading system. This will not only ensure transparency of all dealings, which is considered to be one of the main principles of fair trading, but also encourage investors to make the right investment decisions at the right time. In order to achieve the goal of transparent and public dissemination of the information, A tender for Information Display Systems was launched in 2009. They required a system that could control content management from a central location and could provide instant updates on all the changes that would take place in the data being displayed. Given the sensitive nature of the data being displayed in a stock exchange, they required a system that would be extremely reliable with zero margin of error. Wavetec provided them a turnkey solution delivering exactly what the Muscat Securities Market had in mind.

In addition to the displays in the trading hall, MSM was looking for a way to increase the investment in the stock exchange and to promote the companies already listed on the Muscat Stock Exchange. For this, Wavetec installed a Full Color Circular L.E.D. outdoor ticker. The outdoor circular L.E.D. ticker installed by Wavetec at the Muscat Securities Market instantly highlights the building as a stock exchange. Muscat Securities wanted to mark their building as a popular landmark and for this Wavetec proposed a fully customized unique circular design for an outdoor L.E.D. ticker. Other than its aesthetic features, the outdoor L.E.D. based display solution designed by Wavetec also helps the Muscat Securities Market to achieve its goal of transparency of all financial information by displaying the real-time stock trading rates on the outdoor L.E.D. ticker.. Muscat Securities Market is now recognized worldwide for its state of the art indoor and outdoor displays, which ensures a transparent dissemination of the data and that promotes the existence of the stock exchange.