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February 28, 2015
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February 28, 2015

Wavetec creates a land mark in Doha by installing the biggest outdoor ticker in Middle East at “The Group Securities” head office

The Group was the first company to operate in the financial brokerage market in Qatar. With several offices scattered around Qatar, The Group has the largest market share of above 40 %. In order to keep the position as one of the major stock brokers in the Middle East, The Group needed a way to promote their services and increase its participation in the market along with keeping its customers updated with the latest information. In short, The Group wanted to symbolize themselves as the leaders of financial brokerage in Qatar. For this, Wavetec installed an outdoor L.E.D. ticker display at the main head office of The Group. A Tri-Color Outdoor High Resolution L.E.D. based display measuring 64 meters in length and 1.25 meters in height, with capability to display real time data from the stock exchange in English and Arabic at the same time, Wavetec has installed the largest outdoor display in the Middle East.

Problems showing a need for Wavetec’s solution

      • The Group needed a display system that would turn The Group’s head office into a landmark.
      • They required an extremely reliable and a fast solution that would display the stock volume being traded with instant updates.
      • The Group wanted a content management solution that would manage all the data being displayed


Benefits for The group

        • The LED Display has now turned The Group’s head office into a national landmark. Everyone can now easily recognize the building as The Group’s head office.
        • The ticker can be spotted from far away showing instant updates in stock trading.
        • With its capability to support real-time updates, the information is read from the Qatar stock exchange’s reporting index and displayed within seconds on this ticker.
        • This has bought The Group into the spotlight because of its phenomenal outdoor display.

What Wavetec provided

          • Wavetec provided consultation services to the group and provided them with the best option that would fulfill all their requirements.
          • Wavetec provided The Group with 64 meters long and 1.25 meters high Tri-Color LED based ticker which is the largest outdoor display in the Middle East.
          • The LED Display has the capability to manage and provide real-time updates to the data.
          • To manage the content being displayed, Wavetec provided The Group with powerful content management software which controls all the data being displayed from a central location.

The Group needed an extremely reliable system because a display showing stock market data must be functioning at all times. It should be capable of supporting high temperatures of the region which might reach as high as 55 degrees. The content management application, provided by Wavetec, reading from the Trading Engine of the Qatar Exchange needed to display the data in a matter of seconds. In a fast moving market this becomes a very critical function. The display had to be customized to maintain hundred percent visibilities under the harsh sun of the Middle East and the positioning of the display was also a very technical aspect because it was required to optimize the viewing angles of the display. The Group is now recognized worldwide for its state of the art outdoor display, which ensures a transparent dissemination of the data and that promotes the existence of The Group services thanks to its one in a kind outdoor LED real time display. This outdoor display also highlight’s The Group’s head office and even passersby could clearly distinguish the building as a financial brokerage office.