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February 28, 2015
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February 28, 2015

With The New Media Room, Tadawul Has Proved Itself In Keeping Up With Technology To The World.

Tadawul wanted to develop a state of the art press room that would be media friendly and it would be designed mainly for convening press conferences, media events and seminars, and for receiving corporate guests to enhance the image of Tadawul as the leading stock exchange in the region. After a thorough analysis of Tadawul’s requirements and a few meetings between Wavetec’s consultants and the management of Tadawul, Wavetec proposed them a complete end to end solution. Wavetec’s objective was to help Tadawul in creating a people friendly, technology driven “media room” that would enhance the bourse’s brand image in alignment with the strategy of consolidating Tadawul’s position as the preferred stock exchange in the region. The new media room now boasts 2 large, full-color LED based information display screens. These screens show live stock data, market statistics, graphical trends and other relevant financial information. A seamless, grid-based plasma solution comprising of nine 42-inch plasma screens was developed for running live TV and news content. In addition to all this, two smooth-scrolling information display tickers are deployed inside the Media Room showing real-time trading data and live market statistics.

Reasons Showing a Need for Wavetec’s Solution

  • A state of the art media room where Tadawul’s management can hold press conferences and meetings with the Media and host high profile guests.
  • A display solution for this media room that would show Tadawul as one of the most technologically advanced stock exchanges of the Middle-East.
  • An aesthetically pleasing solution to their display requirement, keeping in mind the current architecture of the room.
  • A display solution that would have the capability to show real-time updates in the stock prices.

What Benefits did Tadawul Receive

  • A world-class technologically advanced media room.
  • The room is shown around the world with news related to Tadawul because all interaction between the media and the management of Tadawul takes place in this room.
  • Increased the interest of the investors and companies in the stock exchange by showing Tadawul as on of the leading stock exchanges in the region.

What Wavetec Provided

  • Two LED based Full-Color display walls, each measuring 4m2.
  • A 3x3grid of high-resolution plasma screens each measuring 42-inch diagonally.
  • A 32 meter long Full-Color LED ticker which covers 3 sides of the room.
  • Another 8 meter long Full-Color LED ticker.
  • All the content which is to be displayed on all the screens is controlled from a central location with a very powerful Wavetec provided content management software.

Two large Full-color Information Display Walls are installed on the main stage in the Media Room, serving as part of an impressive backdrop during press briefings and events. A high-resolution, seamless plasma (3×3) grid display is installed between the two display LED walls. A 32 meter long ticker is positioned above the LED Display Walls and Plasma Screens. It also covers the 3 sides of the Media Room wall, scrolling market information in Full Color, creating an exciting and information-driven environment. The Media Room Clock Ticker is positioned in the center, above the Plasma Screens and below the 32 meter long ticker. It shows the Riyadh Standard Time (RST) on the left and the current date in the center and a negative clock which is counting down to Tadawul Stock Exchange Closing time. “The Tadawul Stock Exchange Media Room was uniquely designed to highlight its prestigious position as the foremost Financial Market in the Gulf Region. Tadawul Stock Exchange displays showed scrolling Company logos along with their Ticker information – A first in the Gulf. Wavetec enhanced the physical location by adding a 360 degree dynamic exhibit with live Tadawul TIP rates streaming across the Media Room. The entire solution was custom designed to meet the intricate bends of the Media Room.”Fahd Khan, Chief Operating Officer at Wavetec Wavetec provided Tadawul, Saudi Stock Exchange with a complete end-to-end solution for their media room. The newly designed room helps the Tadawul Management to uphold their image as one of the most technologically advanced and leading stock exchange in the region. Since the room is the center of all the media attention, the display solution gives a very pleasing background which is shown around the globe.