Bahrain Stock Exchange

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February 27, 2015

Wavetec facilitates Bahrain Stock Exchange with a turnkey Indoor Display Solution

The Bahrain Stock Exchange required a bigger and a more technologically equipped trading hall to bring themselves at par with the world’s leading stock exchanges. What the Bahrain Stock Exchange’s management had in mind was 3 L.E.D. walls and a L.E.D. ticker, but after discussions and a few meetings with Wavetec’s consultancy team BSE’s management decided that their requirements would not be satisfied with only 3 video walls and after this they decided to go with 10 Full Color L.E.D. walls and 2 L.E.D. tickers. For this, Wavetec proposed the Bahrain Stock Exchange with an end to end solution. To start with, based on their floor plan, Wavetec’s design team made a 3 Dimensional video showing the Bahrain Bourse how their new stock exchange would look after completion. This video was made keeping in mind, the requirements of a contemporary trading hall. The solution proposed by Wavetec took everything into account, from the placement of the walls in accordance with the current architecture of the building, till the management of all the digital data, from a central location, which will be showing up on all the L.E.D. walls and the tickers.

Reasons showing the need for Wavetec’s services

  • An increasing number of listed companies in the stock exchange.
  • More and more investors taking interest.
  • The previous display system was technologically not up to date and unable to cope up with the new demands from the stock exchange.
  • A need to overall increase the standard of the Bahrain Stock Exchange bringing it at par with the world’s leading stock exchanges.
  • Given the sensitive nature of the information to be displayed in a stock exchange there can be no margin of error.

What Wavetec provided

  • Wavetec installed a total of 1o curved full-color L.E.D. Display walls each measuring 2 meters by 5 meters.
  • Two curved L.E.D. tickers, one measuring 60 meters and the other 6 meters, were installed to show the current trading prices of all the stocks.
  • Wavetec provided B.S.E. with a content management software, which has the capability to show real-time changes in data and control all the screens and the tickers from a central location.
  • To take into account the aesthetic point of view of the displays and the current architectural design of the building, all the displays were installed in a curved shape.

What benefits did the B.S.E. recieved

  • Now the Bahrain Stock exchange simultaneously displays information from all four of the financial markets in the Bahrain economy and important news from all around the world.
  • Upon implementation of the display solution provided by Wavetec, BSE can now graphically show the latest trends of the stock market, news and different data from all around the world. All at the same time.
  • The state of the art solutions attracts investors from all over the Middle-East now.
  • Advertisement revenue

The Bahrain Stock Exchange maintained its commitment to keep up with the latest trends in the financial markets. Through the implementation of Wavetec’s technological innovations and infrastructure development solutions, now B.S.E. can compete with the top financial markets of the world. These solutions also enabled the Bahrain Capital Market to support future economic growth. Due to an increase in the number of listed companies and in the flow of investors, coupled with the fact that the previously installed information display system was unable to meet the requirements, it was felt that a new display solution was needed for the new trading hall. Wavetec was involved in the designing and implementation of the entire project which was a challenging task due to the architectural unevenness of the main trading hall and the circular dome shaped ceiling, making it a tough task to install LCD or plasma displays. Even with all these complications, the ten curved LED Display Walls and a circular ticker were installed flawlessly. The displays were embedded in the existing architectural structure, to give an overall sleek finish. The cooling requirements were also surveyed keeping in mind the dome-shaped architecture and designed to efficiently route the heat maintaining a stable temperature in the Trading Hall. Wavetec was able to overcome all hurdles with the help of its technical staff and the installation was completed in the stipulated time period though it seemed quite impossible at times. “We at the Bahrain Bourse highly appreciate the great efforts Wavetec has put in designing the LED ticker with a fully integrated system, taking into account everything, from the aesthetics of the main hall to the control and display of all the digital data. We believe that the wide experience of Wavetec played a vital role in enabling them to meet the needs and requirements of the new bourse. Together, Wavetec & Bahrain Bourse completed this project smoothly and professionally and we really thank the experts deployed by Wavetec who helped to make this project a success for both parties.” Sheikh Khalifa bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa Deputy Director of Bahrain Bourse