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February 28, 2015
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February 28, 2015
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Wavetec helps Mobilink enhance Customers’ Contentment

With more than 34 million subscribers, Mobilink is undoubtedly the market leader, with integrated technology, proudly holds strongest brands, maintains largest portfolio of value added services, and provides next generation internet technology, as well as the country’s largest voice and data network with over 8,000 cell sites. Mobilink places high importance to its coverage, and covers 10, 000+ cities across the country. With the largest telecom customer network, Mobilink faces highest inflow of visitors and customers in all its Customer Care Outlets. For this reason Mobilink wanted to go for the most reliable Customer Services and Customer Flow Management Solutions.

Problems Talking about the past, Mobilink staff has seen times when there were physical queues of customers, who often had complains and were usually annoyed due to long waiting hours. The staff worked not only under severe pressures but was also unable to offer personalized services to the customers. Before the installation of the Wavetec’s Queue Management System the front office staff could not identify customers according to the category of services the customers required. Because of this reason they were unable to benefit from up sell and cross sell opportunities. “Previously I have witnessed severe work pressures due to the physical queues of the customers. The KIOSK Teller Display Unit provides a wide range of customer care facilities. I look forward to a greater number of customer care options in the near future from Wavetec, which would help our customer care team in providing our customers with better serving experience.”Fasih Khan, Customer Care Representative In order to ensure efficient services to the customers it was necessary that the staff shared workload equally. Previously monitoring individual staff performance was difficult and to motivate the employee force was a challenging task for the management. “Through Wavetec’s Electronic Queue Management System our work load has been equally distributed among all members and has relieved us greatly. Furthermore, the month end staff performance analysis also helps me improve my work performance.” Afshan Brohi, Customer Care Officer

One Solution countless Benefits After installation of Wavetec’s Queue Management Systems the staff has become a lot more relaxed and stress –free across all the branches. The outlets have not also witnessed drastic change in serving attitude of the staff and they are no more worried about frustrated customers standing and waiting in front of them. The traffic flow of the customers visiting the outlets has also streamlined significantly. Through Wavetec’s Queue Management System the staff at the front office has been able to gage higher customer satisfaction. The real time monitoring facility helps the branch managers to further escalate customer satisfaction by taking corrective measures in case of any bottle necks or any uncertain customer flow situation in any branch. Furthermore, the real time reporting facility helped the Mobilink team to monitor staff performance and leverage from the workload sharing among the staff members. The highly efficient CDUs display the serving status at the counters, whereas the CDU-Status Display Units reduce the perceived waiting time, as the customers know that they are being served fairly, according to their respective turns. Higher Customer satisfaction has helped Mobilink leverage from customer advocacy and loyal customers following. As a result of enhanced customer services, improved serving experiences and reliable communication network Mobilink has been able to exceed 30% of there projected target figures this year! “Wavetec has always been providing better customer care solutions. They are bringing innovation as per the required needs of the industry. The satisfaction level, as far as our customers are concerned is very high and so far we are very much contented with Wavetec’s Solutions for our Customer Care Outlet.” Muhammad Tahir Hafeez, Associate Customer Care