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March 14, 2021
February 23, 2021

Azerconnect personalises and centralises their information systems for a seamless user experience, powered by Spectra


Azerconnect has closely followed global trends like digitisation and digital transformation. Dedicated to providing services and solutions to corporate clients in the ICT market, they highly value sustainability, innovation, personalisation and centralisation of information. Azerconnect manages Bakcell and NAR Telecom, and the need for centrally organised information systems is personally important to them.


AaBaCus is Wavetec’s partner in Azerbaijan. They provide electronic control systems, cash handling solutions, and the maintenance and customisable programming for the equipment. Having worked with them since 2016, we admire their commitment to quality and international industry-leading standards. As they do ours.

“Our company has had a strategic relationship with Wavetec for more than 7 years. During this time they have been trusted partners and worked in tandem with our team to provide innovative and unique solutions for our clients. We found the Wavetec team to be smart, experts in their field, honest, and they care deeply. As a result, we have a number of successful projects in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan which we executives lead effectively as we have substantially grown our company from start-up to a nation-wide and regional presence. We plan to work with Wavetec for many years to come in CIS region.”

Haji Masimov, Managing Director

A budding relationship

In December 2019, a collaboration of Wavetec’s sales team and our partner, AaBaCus’s representatives, approached Azerconnect hoping to make them aware of the benefits of Wavetec queueing and management solutions. Having merged two companies, two sets of data and two different management styles, they needed an optimised and tested solution. One of their main requirements was personalised web-teller stations, which would then be integrated with Wavetec’s Spectra platform offering dashboards for a centralised information experience.

In addition to the above, they were also outfitted with Donatello digital signage solutions so that information could be displayed to the visitors in an orderly and timely fashion. All in all they bought solutions for 49 branches, with an upcoming 41 yet to be equipped!

The Azerconnect touch

Part of their need-specific customisation of the solutions was a customer priority-serving system. Given the level of priority (7 levels), the system would arrange the call order. No customer would wait more than 30 minutes, and the next-in-line would be automatically called. Over time, the system has been designed to move customers up the levels as their engagement with Azerconnect increases.

Additionally, in order to gather important feedback information, an SMS feedback system has also been installed.

Insight into Spectra Enterprise solution

Wavetec’s Queue Management System is powered by Spectra, an enterprise software that integrates with all peripheral devices to minimise customers’ efforts across all channels and touchpoints. This ensures a seamless experience every time a customer visits Azerconnect branches. This system can also be tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Key features of Spectra Dashboards

  • – Centralised reporting and information system 
  • – Real-time business intelligence reports
  • – Real-time staff performance reports 
  • – Industry benchmark reports 
  • – Live dashboards allow for immediate action
  • – Central monitoring and control of branch operations
  • – Voice recording options available 


  • – Improved KPIs as avg. service time and avg. waiting time decrease
  • – SOPs followed
  • – Improved customer experience 
  • – Improved and optimised staff productivity
  • – Maximised multi-channel content strategy and increased marketing reach
  • – Inform customers and staff in real-time
  • – Increased piece of mind, safety

Key features of Digital Signage solutions

  • – Real-time display of important safety information regarding Covid19 and occupancy limits
  • – 24/7 access to content management and scheduling 
  • – News tickets, weather, RSS feed widgets and more customisable options


With its high quality displays, signage player and software, Wavetec’s signage solutions offer:

  • – Reduction of perceived wait times
  • – Ease of deployment, use and accessibility
  • – Dissemination of real-time information on products, services, safety announcements
  • – Directing of foot traffic to their respective areas
  • – Extra revenue generation opportunities through advertisement 

The results

If the years of trust and client loyalty are not enough proof, Azerconnect has found that while using Wavetec solutions, they have experienced improvements in the areas highlighted by their management.

“…thank you for a good collaboration and professional team work. By the support of the Queue Management system, currently we are able to track the office’s workload, improve our employees, work on KPIs and increase Customer Satisfaction.” – Emiliya Alakbarova, Head of the Quality and CX Department

Conversion rate and continued client loyalty depend on the success of such factors. 

While Azerconnect serves the companies of Azerbaijan with communication and technology services, they need to be sure that their database is secure and provides relevant data in a seamless and frictionless manner. Their customers had to be served well, on time and securely. They needed a queueing and management partner they could rely on to reduce queues with a priority calling system, and direct foot traffic correctly with signage. Serving their management needs is a working privilege.