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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Digital Queuing

In this Blog:

– Customer demands have evolved

– Benefits of Digital Queuing for both customers and businesses

– Digital Queuing – a unique solution for post-pandemic businesses from all industries

When clients perceive/encounter an inadequate service, they will look for other options and on average, will communicate this bad experience to at least 10 other clients.

We have all had good and bad experiences when consuming a product or service, however, the speed with which the news of a bad experience is spread could surprise and irreversibly impact many businesses.

Waiting in line is very annoying and it is also dangerous.


Today more than ever, we must avoid a bad customer experience as much as possible and provide the best possible service using innovative technologies such as digital queuing.

We have found more than 12 benefits and reasons why a company, regardless of its size, should adopt a Digital Queuing solution. Here, we present the top 5 reasons why:

  1. To survive
  2. To recover profitability
  3. To help the business reopen safely
  4. To improve customer experience
  5. To comply with local and federal authority guidelines

The number of companies affected by the pandemic is truly alarming. Many have been desperately searching for strategies to survive and avoid closure. Changes in customer demands include visiting businesses that are focused on hygiene measures, social distancing, occupancy limits, automation and digitisation. The customer likes to feel like they are in control of the experience.

Customers Prefer to Visit Businesses that Have Control Measures in Place

Companies that offer these control measures, avoiding crowds or lines at the entrance, making it easier for customers to visit your business in a scheduled and/or safer way using their cell phones, will undoubtedly have a considerable advantage over the competition. They will attract new customers, maintain existing ones and recover business profitability in a more accelerated manner.

Digital queuing technology goes beyond being a temporary solution for the duration of the pandemic, as the benefits it offers to the user and the business guarantee long-term growth and progress.


Business Benefits:

  • Encourage the use of digital channels – the cost of a transaction on a traditional channel is twice that of a transaction on a digital channel. This translates into cost reduction and higher profitability.
  • Total traceability from when the client requests to queue digitally until they finish being attended to and fill out a satisfaction survey.
  • Identify the performance of the branch, capacity, clients served by executive, type of product or service acquired.
  • Monetise waiting time – while the client waits to be called and attended to, the business may send out a marketing campaign, promoting a product or a service.
  • Marketing will be able to identify which product or service is the most in demand and will be able to take action for those products that are not presenting the expected result.

Customer Benefits:

  • The client will have the control to begin digitally queuing and/or schedule an appointment.
  • The client’s visit will be safer and more comfortable, avoiding queues and/or crowds at the entrance of the business, thereby significantly reducing the risk of contagion.
  • The client can select a branch of their choice from their cell phone and generate an appointment or digital queue, receiving notifications about the status of their position and an alert for when their turn has arrived.
  • The client will receive a more personalised attention according to their profile.
  • More comfortable waiting time – will certainly lead to better customer experiences.

Staying In Line Without Having to be In Line

Notifications on their cell phone will give the customer control and a sense of security. A software-based solution will give the business the possibility of gathering valuable information about the customer, the demand for their services, business performance and further personalize customer service.

Post Pandemic Benefits

The digital queue management system is here to stay. The benefits of the solution were very attractive before the pandemic, and will continue to be so after the pandemic. The pandemic has caused an accelerated adoption of this type of solution due to the benefits to be had in terms of customer safety and compliance with local and federal authority guidelines such as distance, waiting and service times and capacity control.

This type of solution has a great potential to continue evolving and integrating new functionalities, becoming an increasingly robust solution with great benefits for both users and companies.

A Solution that Practically Applies to Companies in All Industries

Depending on the country and industry, the following results have been observed:

  • Increase in customer satisfaction by more than 25%
  • 15% reduction of costs, maintaining the same level of service
  • Increase in sales of more than 5%
  • Reduction of congested queues by more than 80%

We see how companies around the world are interested in and/or adopting this digital queuing technology, some examples of which are banks, clothing stores, hospitals, Fintech, government offices, supermarkets, specialized stores, car dealers, laboratories, shopping centers and entertainment companies.

Some examples of documented cases can be viewed by following this link:


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