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Reshape the way your customers wait to be served.

Take control of your customer’s queuing experiences with Virtual Queuing. Wavetec’s Enterprise Virtual Queuing System enables you to define the way your customers are managed in service areas. Our queuing system is an ecosystem of interconnected modules that helps to deliver a personalized and also a touchless customer waiting experience.

From a customer’s arrival at a service area to the customer’s exit, we have it all mapped out for you with our take-a-ticket solution. For over 27 years, Wavetec has been transforming how companies design their servicescape. Wavetec provides a state-of-the-art Enterprise Virtual Queue Management System (QMS), with a current design and a customizable and standard, enterprise level information system to map customers’ journey and enhance customer experiences.

Fundamentals & Optional Components

See how it works!

Customers take a Ticket

Customer enters a virtual queue by taking a ticket using one of the following channels:

mobile ticket ticket mobile wavetec

Mobile Queuing App

kiosk wavetec ticket dispenser ticketdispenserkiosk

Self Service Ticketing Kiosk

wavetec mobile ticket queue virtualqueuing virtual

Online Appointment

web wavetec ticket ticketing

Web Ticketing

Change the way your customers wait, and take control of your queues. Our take a ticket system helps you organize your queues by providing customers with a virtual queuing solution to book appointments or take a ticket via mobile app or ticket dispenser.

Customers check their waiting status on digital signage

While waiting to be served, customers are engaged using digital signage solutions and informational queue displays with promotional messages and queue information.

dispaly virtual queuing

Queue Informational Donatello LCD

led ticker wavetec queue

Wire/Wireless Counter Display Unit

counter ticketnumber wavetec led

POE LCD Counter Display

led display counter wavetec

Status of The Queue LED Matrix Display

led display counter wavetec ticket ticket number

Queue Informational Display LCD

We have an assortment of various queue displays to suit the needs of our clients. Whether you want to have a queue display in your waiting lobby to inform your customers of their turn, or want counter display units at your counters, we can do it all for you.

Customers are alerted about their turn

The Workstation Terminal software and hardware is used by customer service personnel to call customers, transfer them and provide service.
teller tablet calling station wavetec

Teller Station Calling Tablet

wavetec teller station calling unit call

Teller Station Calling Unit

Teller Station Software

Turn your tellers into sellers. Our counter work station calling terminals allows staff to call customers to service counters based on pre-defined priority or on segmented methods. It also provides staff with real-time views of customer waiting numbers, wait times, and type of services required.

Customer Feedback is collected

Once served, the customer records his experience through feedback units.  Opinion Plus is our proprietary feedback solution that helps extract data about customers’ experiences and find out what they expect from you.

wavetec feedback customer feedbacks

Wavetec’s Opinion Plus range consists of different touchscreen devices that are used by customers to provide feedback about their service experiences. Obtaining feedback is quick and simple, ensuring an unparalleled amount of daily feedback. Schedule single, multiple or looped questions and collect your feedback through different channels. You can use a kiosk or a tablet or even your mobile app to provide your customers the convenience to record their feedback.

Reports, Dashboards and Predictive Analysis

Managers access real time business intelligence reports and dashboards through a centralized reporting system.

Wavetec’s live reporting system and manager dashboards are integrated with the different facets of queue management system thus they form a complete business intelligence module. Our reporting system is a complete enterprise solution that is capable of extracting comprehensive insights in terms of customer flows,staff performance, service area efficiency etc. Managers can view region and branch reporting from a centralized location, making sure that all service levels are met. Wavetec’s live dashboards can be used to generate business intelligence data to monitor center-wide service quality and root out discrepancies.

Over 50 Historical Reports such as :

  • Service Quality Levels
  • Employee Performance
  • Branch & Region Performance
  • Central Configuration and Management of the System
  • Multilingual (English, Spanish, French, Arabic etc.)
report dashboard analysis predictive wavetec

Download our Queue Management Brochure to learn more.

We have wide ranging expertise in refining service areas at banks, hospitals, government organizations, service centers and retail areas. Our Virtual Queuing System helps to empower you a step further to deliver seamless customer experiences. Find out more about our queuing system, its key features, and technical specifications.

brochure qms wavetec

Benefits & Features

Seamlessly fuses the different components of QMS

Centrally Controllable and Easy to Use

Optimizes Staff Performance

Allows to set and monitor service KPIs

Organizes Service Area and reduces customer waiting times

Enables efficient management of customer journey

The Wavetec Advantage

  • End to End Turnkey Solution Provider
  • Customizable workflows and scalable systems
  • 3 Development hubs Globally
  • Global Support and Infrastructure
  • Supports Integration with existing systems
  • Incremental product and software roll-outs

Do you have a special project?

Selecting the right queue management system has a direct impact on your customer service. Our queuing system combines the highest quality ticket dispensers, queue displays, and queuing dashboards to offer unparalleled performance and customer experience.

Some of our favorite customer success stories

Mobile App

Mobile-Q is our advanced mobile app that allows your customers to take a ticket and enter the line before arriving at your branch.

Linear Queuing

An intelligent one-line queuing solution for high customer-traffic areas to optimize service efficiency and simplify queuing experiences.