Almoosa Specialist Hospital

DMV de Tennessee
November 16, 2017
Takaful Al Rajhi Group
September 22, 2017

    Almoosa Specialist Hospital witnesses 88% Decrease in Patient Wait Times

    Founded in 1996, Almoosa Specialist Hospital, the first private hospital in Al Ahsa region in Saudi Arabia, known for its professional expertise, variety of services and its medical and surgical specialist and units. Equipped with 200 beds, and providing medical specialties such as Pediatric, Cardiology, ICU, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Psychiatric, OB/GYNE, Orthopedic, Neurology, etc. the hospital is renowned for providing quality healthcare and has won numerous accolades.


    Facing a large number of customer traffic at the hospital, hospital management faced numerous challenges in managing patient flow and routing patients to different medical facilities with their previous queuing system.

    They needed a system that would eliminate long queues at the reception and could smartly route patients to the relevant medical departments, organize customer flow at the hospital’s waiting area and reduce patient anxiety and waiting times.

    Al Moosa Specialist Hospital sought a solution that would resolve all the customer flow issues and reflect its commitment towards putting patients first.


    Wavetec proposed its advanced Patient Flow Management System with a queuing system and its advanced reporting module to help Almoosa Specialist Hospital deliver its services in a more efficient and effective manner.

    Queuing System

    When patients visit the hospital, they select one of the service categories at the self-service ticketing kiosk:

    • Insurance Patients
    • Cash Patients
    • Medication Consultation

    On the basis of their selection, the kiosk issues a relevant patient service number. After taking a ticket, patients wait for their turn in the waiting area and check Status Display Units to keep track of the ticket numbers being served

    When a patient’s turn comes up, the Teller at the hospital’s reception uses Wavetec’s software to initiate an audio prompt over the speaker system and a visual alert on the waiting room display of the patient’s ticket number to inform patients when it’s their turn and which room they should go to.

    A total of three kiosks are placed in different sections at the hospital. The installation of the queuing solution has greatly improved the waiting times at the hospital. Waits have now been reduced from 30-45mins to staggering 5mins. With 88% decrease in patient wait time, it has drastically improved customer satisfaction and reduced patient anxiety at Almoosa Specialist Hospital.

    The automated queuing system has helped Almoosa to organize and manage patient flow at the hospital by streamlining the process of dispensing appointment numbers through the kiosk and making the waiting process transparent. Overall patient anxiety is less and the customer satisfaction has improved.

    Advanced Reporting Module

    The smart reporting module integrated with the solution has enabled the hospital’s management to keep a close check on the patient flow process, patient volumes at peak hours, average waiting times and staff efficiency.  Standard and customer generated reports help managers to solve issues in real-time if waiting times exceed defined benchmarks.


    Al Moosa Specialist Hospital relies on Wavetec’s innovative solution for hospitals after witnessing Wavetec’s strong foothold in the market across various different industries. The project was completed in specified timelines and has seamlessly reorganized the queuing and waiting experience at the hospital.

    The numbers of customer complaints have drastically reduced after the deployment of the new system, which has been possible with round the clock technical support of Wavetec’s staff.

    Patients and their attendants now no longer have to go through long un-organized queues with unusual waits averaging to almost 45 minutes.