AlMoosa Covid-19 vaccination centre

Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship
March 14, 2021

Covid-19 hit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hard, and led to the government introducing Expanded Testing, setting up testing centres and approving and rolling out vaccines. They have already administered over 780,000 doses, and the success of this measure can be attributed to flexibility in management, as with drive-thru vaccine centres.

Since 1996, AlMoosa has been a leading and integrated health care provider in Al-Ahsa, KSA. With the outbreak of the pandemic, it only made sense that a trusted institution take on the responsibility of vaccination drives. 


In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the centre is to be set up in a college building close to AlMoosa hospital. Proximity being in their favour, there were still concerns regarding:

  • – Staff and visitor safety
  • – Social distancing and occupancy limits 
  • – Ease of installation and of use


After having consulted with Wavetec’s team of queue management experts, they decided to deploy our classic Queue Management package. This includes:

Customer Journey

Having booked an online or on-call appointment, the customer arrives on site and engages with the kiosk. They select the first or second dose of the vaccine based on their status, and then wait in the waiting area until their turn is called. 


Pre-arrival appointment booking and ticket dispensing kiosk 

  • – Reduces crowds and therefore the risk of infection
  • – Contactless solution which requires no reassignment or addition of staff

Digital signage solutions

  • – Inform, guide and educate customers in the waiting area on where to go, and how best to protect oneself and one’s community
  • – Occupy attention and help pass the time faster

Reporting and Dashboards

  • – Real-time data collected on customer flows, staff performance, etc. to help improve management practices
  • – Service area resource optimisation and efficiency
  • – Future predictions and projections

Customers can avail of these services 24/7, with the added benefit of 10 open and operating counters so the wait is guaranteed to be shorter. Soon, AlMoosa expects to integrate their hospital queue management solution with that of their vaccination centre, thereby affording a seamless and frictionless customer journey. Based on estimates of other vaccination centres, they are expected to issue 1000 tickets a day. The future is vaccinated, managed and frictionless.