Creating timeless brand & service experiences with the right design

Muodot is a Finnish design agency specializing in waiting area design, store design and industrial design. As specialists and leaders in this domain, we understand what is needed to attract customers through a clever and unique store layout encompassing of products which will help turn a prospect customer into an end user.

With over 10 years experience of working with large organization such as Lego, Nokia and R-Kioski, we have become experts in designing the right customer journey and products that will increase your brand value and customer loyalty.

Service Area Design
Are you aware of your customers’ journey?
Service Area Design
Are you using the right technology to engage your customers better?
Service Area Design
What are the key touch-points your customer interacts at ?
Service Area Design
Are you striking a balance between aesthetics, usability, and the value of your products?

Main Benefits

Increased sales of your products and services

Improved market position relative to your competitors

Creates a stronger brand identity and loyalty

Enhanced and informed service areas

Builds higher quality service experiences for customers

Creates a truly customer centric organizational culture

High-level aesthetic products

User-Friendly products and solutions

How we work

Utilizing the wide ranging experience of delivering outstanding customer experience projects, Muodot and Wavetec have developed a sophisticated model for designing customer service areas.

Our methodology presents insights from the philosophy of Design Thinking due to its capacity to tackle issues from a perspective different from traditional and linear thinking. Our Design Scheme comprises of different stages which focus on driving and implementing radical changes that translate into refined customer experience and quality improvement. Our service area & product design approach also takes into account your brand identity and maneuvers to engage your customers on an emotional level.

Muodot and Wavetec Partnership

Muodot and Wavetec partnered to fill the gap between technology, design and customer experience in service areas and stores that large organizations need from a one-stop-company.

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Find out how you can carve remarkable service areas with strategically placed customer touch points to revamp and ensure smooth customer flow for efficient customer service.

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Service Area Design

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