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Via OS – Monitoring & Reporting

Stay on top of your game with rich and relevant insights from your network of self-service kiosks. Monitor performance using custom dashboards and intelligent analytics.


ViaOS: Gateway to a Digitized Future

Meet ViaOS – A New Era of Sales & Customer Service Automation

Our CRM comes with a wealth of benefits. Get deeper business insights, streamline tasks, provide customers with an exceptional experience & much more. Running targeted marketing campaigns has never been this simple! ViaOS can easily integrate with your existing ERPs and marketing automation softwares.

Group 1

Hardware Monitoring
and Management:

The device dashboard provides an overview of the statuses of all devices, with the ability to quickly drill down into hardware component health and to initiate commands such as reboots to the remote devices.

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Lodge complaints & instant feedback
Comply to KYC requirements
Integrate with 3rd party applications
Select multiple language
Integrate with mobile apps

Custom Dashboards
& User Role Management

Meet the Diverse Needs of Today’s
Empowered Customers

Extensibility and single-sign-on features allow the fast creation and deployment of custom dashboards that allow you to manage data using your own terminology and viewpoint.

Group 6

Reporting, simplified

Spectra enables you to take confident decisions with an enterprise level reporting platform.

Layer 5

Alert Management

Configure and manage alerts easily across all of your devices. Pre-defined component alerts allow easy configuration of dashboards, email, text, whatsapp distribution for desired event notifications.

Enterprise CRM

Enterprise CMS

Easily upload content such as digital signage media, change and manage slide content, test new service flows and run ads. The apps are designed to handle multiple requests and customization, with a friendly CMS at the backend so that you can independently operate and update your products and promotions.

Reporting and BI analytics

Reporting, BI & Analytics


Drill down into user sessions, device heartbeats, transactions and more so your system’s operational efficiency is always at your fingertips.


Banking Solutions Configuration

ViaOS allows central management of hardware components and external system interfaces on all connected devices.


Meet the Diverse Needs of Today’s
Empowered Customers

Launch new products & services instantly. ViaOS empower companies with the opportunity to target customers with cross and up-sell offers.

Layer 3