Wavetec’s new Management Portal help companies boost sales and improve operational efficiency

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May 22, 2015
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May 25, 2015

Globally organizations are continuously striving to develop a more customer-centric approach to enhance companies’ bottom line. They are bent at improving front staff productivity so that customer interactions with the brand representatives are delightful and memorable, and to own a greater share of mind and wallet of their target market.

Keeping in line with the market’s needs for smart customer experience management solutions, Wavetec’s newly designed Wavesphere Management Portal has now helped numerous companies and business verticals to increase sales and enhance operational efficiency.


According to an Accenture Report, 77% customers expect faster customer service and support in service area experiences, 75% expect simpler and more convenient service purchases, and 62% expect more knowledgeable and better trained customer representatives. Customers are becoming more sophisticated, with greater expectations, and have even more alternatives to switch to. Thus, it is important for companies to streamline their customer service vitals with Wavesphere Management Portal, and ensure there are absolutely no gaps at the managing-end.

Success Stories


Interbank, one of the most important financial institutions in Peru has over 100 branches and a customer base of over 2 million throughout the country. Adoption of Wavetec’s new management portal has enabled Interbank to measure waiting and service time in a centralized way, which represents their main performance indicators.


This further allows data propagation to make timely and important business decisions. With implementation of retail banking transformation project, Interbank witnessed a 33% to 84% increase of the consumer’s satisfaction index, resulting in a positive customer-to-brand loyalty. Due to this massive success, this new service model has now been implemented in over 100 Interbank branches.

Emirates ID

Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) is UAE’s independent federal authority which is fundamentally responsible for registering UAE’s residents, and also create a population database. With over 70 service centers spread across UAE, EIDA’s service centers experience massive customer footfall. Adoption of Wavetec’s new management portal has now helped them streamline customer dealing throughout its branch massive network, and found that customers now have to wait for fewer minutes, engage more with the organization and are more pleased with the progressive changes at its service centers.

Wavesphere Management Portal

Wavesphere is a central configuration and management tool for queue management solution to add value to its customer experience solutions, and provide its clients with dramatic controls to manage their service area operations. Wavesphere gives organizations vigorous controls at different levels to enable them to gauge how well they manage their customer flows.

A few features of Wavesphere Management Portal are:

  • Supports centralized configuration
  • Web based management and reporting platform
  • Live dashboard shows up to the minute information about service areas
  • Service Quality Level Reports to measure productivity and performance of branch and employees.
  • Drill Down Reports for branch and region wise comparison
  • Allows to set KPI’s and real time alerts
  • Multilingual support

Wavesphere Management Portal is an incredible tool that plays a significant role in streamlining service area operations, integrating performances across branch networks, and optimizing customer service levels.