At Chile Digital 2015, Wavetec will introduce innovative solutions for the customer’s experience

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May 18, 2015
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May 22, 2015

Wavetec, leading technology company, operating in more than 70 countries, will introduce its numerous solutions for customer experiences at the Chile Digital 2015, the largest technology and business convention in Latin America, to be held next July, 8th and 9th at the Espacio Riesco, Santiago de Chile.
Chile Digital is a networking and meeting point that will gather potential customers and strategic partners, to update them on knowledge, technology, products and services providers that optimize management, customer service, communication, marketing and sales processes. The event, held in a place with over 10,000 square meters, will offer a vast, different and synergetic B2B experience, specifically designed in a 360 degrees format with various interaction dynamics, where Wavetec will present its solutions portfolio to 5,000 executives of 22 countries.

In this context, Wavetec will introduce its innovative solutions that are aimed at improving customer experience in the service areas and optimizing service employees’ productivity. These solutions are: Queue Management Systems that organize the flow of customers, Customer Feedback Solutions that help in finding about customer’s perceived value of service, and Digital Signage Displays which entertain and connect customers with the brand, among others. Among its latest releases, Wavetec will present “Mobile- Q” in the event. It’s a new Queue Management mobile application that allows customers to book an appointment and issue a ticket from their smartphones, rather than physically stand in a line. Moreover, the latest Opinion Plus Solution models will be displayed, including a 10′ Touchscreen display and a 17′ Touchscreen kiosk, so as to obtain and record customers feedback in the branch. These solutions are operated by a main server which shows information in real time.

The 2015 edition of this event offers international seminars and conferences with over 30 lectures of the innovation and business area experts; it will be a Digital Expo where 200 companies -including Wavetec- will present their solutions and there will be a Business Round Table area with 800 pre-arranged meetings between technology providers and the interested companies. In turn, the Venture Capital Forum will take place, a forum for angel investors, risk capitals, private equity funds from USA, Europe and Latin America, interested in the development of emerging markets with high-growth technological companies, looking for first and second round ventures.

Since Chile is ranked first in Latin America and seventh in the world as regards business development in the global service areas, according to A.TKearney consulting firm, Wavetec is ready to share its wide experience in solutions development at Chile Digital 2015. Wavetec’s solutions are focused on reinventing services areas so as to create a remarkable customer’s experience.
For more information of Wavetec’s customers experience solutions, click here.

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