Wavetec installs the biggest Indoor LED display in Latin America at the Mexican Stock Exchange Group’s auction floor

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May 22, 2015
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May 28, 2015

Wavetec, leading company in Financial Market Displays, was the BMV project’s developer serving as sponsor for Thomson Reuters, so as to renovate the Indoor displays of the Mexican Stock Exchange’s auction floor.

The project was to install an Indoor Full Color LED Display, 360 degrees curved, high-resolution with over 3 million pixels, reaching a perimeter of over 54 meters, surrounding the auction floor of the Mexican Stock Exchange Group (BMV, as per acronym in Spanish).

Installing the biggest Indoor LED Video Wall display in Latin America at the BMV, constitutes a major proposal for the investment of new technologies, so as to improve the dissemination of information of the financial institutions in the area. Moreover, Thomson Reuters agency, operating in more than 94 countries and currently providing information to the Mexican Stock Exchange, is expanding its communications possibilities in real time.

The technological renovation represents a major innovation of the benefits provided by the stock exchange to the market and the financial community in general. In addition to the indoor display designed for the auction floor, the project also included installing a curved, 40 meters long Ticker LED, which will cover the front of the building. The superiority of this display is given by its Japanese technology, ensuring excellent light values through the years, as required by the displays installed outdoors, exposed to the weather and the climate factors implied.

The successful and agile implementation of this project, performed by the start of April, was enabled by Wavetec’s track record and experience in over 24 stock exchanges all over the world. This allowed for a deep understanding of the financial institutions needs and the challenges  that arise in the management of large-scale projects, during design, installation, maintenance, and hardware and software technical support stages.

The project also includes installing Wavetec Donatello Studio, a comprehensive software platform tailored to the stock markets, meeting the BMV Group’s requirements, ranging from the integration of several data sources to the contents planification and design on multiple displays.

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