Mexico Stock Exchange Capitalises on the largest indoor and outdoor display in Latin America

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October 26, 2015
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Wavetec, world leader in financial market displays has completed the largest and the most prestigious installation at Mexico stock exchange. Combined in totality 150 m² ultra bright LED display was installed comprising of 4mm and 10mm pitch.

Mexico City. December 7th, 2015: Wavetec, a pioneering company in Financial Market Displays, steered the project to install a 40 meter long LED Ticker on the front elevation of Mexico Stock Exchange’s building, making it one of the most impressive installations in the world. The multinational company is hence credited for inaugurating the largest LED Indoor screen in Latin America at the esteemed financial institution. World’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals – Thomson Reuters, sponsored the project and provided support to renovate the displays at the Exchange.

Based in Dubai, Wavetec has successfully managed successful projects, screens installations and system integrations in more than 25 stock exchanges in Spain, Chile, Peru, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai, Nigeria and Kenya. It provides financial market displays that enable real-time information dissemination to financial institutions.

During the first phase of the project, Wavetec installed an 8 m² screen in the authorities balcony and a full color, 360° curve indoor LED Display with a resolution of more than 3 million pixels, reaching 54 meters of the perimeter of the stock exchange’s trading floor. This venture represents a relevant milestone in terms of investment in technologies oriented to improve information dissemination in financial entities of the region.

In the second phase, a 40 meters curved LED Ticker covering the front of Mexico Stock Exchange’s symbolic building was installed. This state of the art display technology ensures outstanding brightness and durability throughout the years. Both the indoor and outdoor displays ensure high brightness even when exposed to bright sunlight or outdoor harsh climatic conditions.

On the launch of the project Leandro Blank, Wavetec’s General Manager in Europe said, “Wavetec offers customizable display solutions and content management systems to the financial sector. Our Financial Market Display solutions are installed at more than 25 leading Stock and Commodities Exchanges around the world, thus we possess deep understanding of the needs of the financial institutions. Our display solutions provide integration features with the information sources and real-time data, ensuring transparency for diverse stakeholders.”

Moreover, he also added, “Wavetec is the only financial display firm offering turnkey solutions. We offer complete consultancy service and one-window solutions to help our clients attain success where other companies fail, and provide complete support at all stages of the project-design, manufacturing,installation,integration and content management. We have experience in complex engineering projects that have never been implemented before in the financial sector.”

Donatello Suite, Wavetec’s turnkey enterprise level software is also integrated at Mexico Stock Exchange offering advanced tools for canvas design, and data and content management such as changing stock prices on the fly. The system also offers performance monitoring and reporting features.

The installation has put Mexican Stock Exchange at the forefront of innovation, and also as a major financial market of the world.