Wavetec launches Donatello Linea to turn retail environments into profit avenues

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October 20, 2015
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Service environments today are rapidly changing and adopting diverse solutions to deliver amazing customer service experiences while increasing margins.

In an attempt to augment customer journey and help businesses reach out to customers effectively, Wavetec launched a new line of interactive digital merchandising displays that can engage customers in the service area while adding on to their experience.

Wavetec has launched Donatello Linea – a digital signage solution with the power to transform in-store & check out experiences in diverse industries to leverage their customer serving spaces. Powered by Donatello – Wavetec’s digital signage player, the digital merchandising displays developed on Cut LCD technology are rectangular displays that come in two sizes – 42” and 48”, with black or silver metallic body that play HD images and videos.  Donatello Linea allows different personalization options and can be placed at different service areas strategically.

The Plug and Play device can be attached to any aisle, and has the capability to turn any area with customer traffic into high value interactive space by allowing advertising and product promotion opportunities, and provides customers with more information about products on display.

Serving as digital shelf talkers, Donatello Linea can be used to cultivate positive and engaging experiences. These can be used in shelves, checkout areas, and service counters as there are significant customer touch points that can be utilized strategically to communicate with customers, and increase impulse sales. Donatello Linea comes with different options that allow it to be fixed with merchandising accessories such as bowls, racks, and baskets.

Customer service organizations all around the world are seizing the opportunity to attract attention, influence purchase decisions and leverage up-sells by adopting digital signage solution. Market statistics show that digital signage solutions in store result in an almost 32% increase in overall sales volume while they are about 48% effective for creating brand awareness. Hence Donatello Linea can greatly contribute towards increasing brand awareness and maximizing sales.

Wavetec, a multinational technology company, has a global reputation for innovative customer experience solutions, and reliable customer care. With innovation at its core, proficiency in customizable solutions, and a comprehensive display portfolio, Wavetec is equipped to create interactive visual experiences for its customers while tapping into the flourishing digital signage industry.

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