The Best Locations for Telecom Customer Acquisition


Telecom operators are in a full-blown battle to gain market share while facing rapidly declining margins. At the same time, customers in developing markets are warming up to technology; alternate channels, including Self Service Kiosks, are making headway across all socioeconomic levels.

What was once a question of ‘Where should we open our next service centre?’, has today turned into ‘Where should we place our next self service kiosk?’. Armed with several customer facilitation options – dispensing SIM cards, accepting payments, and performing a KYC – these digital service points are growing in popularity.

telecom sim dispensing kiosk

Based on data from kiosks, Azimut set out to track the most popular locations for SIM card dispensing. And here’s what we found:

  • 43% of all SIM cards were dispensed at supermarkets and large grocery stores,
  • 24 % in Corporate Buildings,
  • 15 % in Shopping Malls, and
  • 18 % across other locations such as hospitals, petrol stations, and street booths.

We also found that shopping malls and supermarkets are the most popular for new SIM card issuances; with the substantial majority of the SIMs issued in these locations being for new connections, versus replacements.

Another location with tremendous potential is public transport terminals such as international airports of major tourist destinations. What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at a new international destination, you seek means of connection to talk to loved ones, call an Uber, navigate to your hotel and so on.

Read more about tourism and self service here.

We hope these insights make it easier for you to determine ideal locations for telecom customer acquisition. Accordingly, you can decide where to place your next SIM dispensing kiosk. Drop us a line so we can put you in touch with one of our Specialists to learn about these and other developing trends.




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