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Virtualizing the Waiting Line Queue System with Mobile-Q: Streamlining Customer Service

How often do people adhere to the smaller queue? How frequently do people defer their grocery shopping to fewer traffic days? How often do people visit hospitals early in the morning? Waiting in lines is torture! Explore the Anatomy of Waiting Lines here.

Entering queue with a mobile app

 It is now habitual to seek ways to avoid waiting in lines during commercial activities. Psychologists agree that queuing induces stress. Economists concur that an inconsistent customer flow leads to customer dissatisfaction. Ecologists believe that queuing does not conserve energy resources efficiently. Leading queue researcher Richard Larson estimates that the average American spends 2 years of his or her lifetime in waiting lines.

In the era of digital technology, Wavetec offers Mobile-Q: a queue management mobile application to eradicate the hassles of conventional queuing systems. To join a virtual queue, customers can use their smartphones or tablets to find a convenient branch, select the desired service, schedule an appointment, and check the current status. Henceforth, mobiles queue, we don’t!
Wavetec's mobile queuing app
As you drive, eat, sleep or work, this virtual queuing system proceeds as optimized services are proficiently delivered to enhance customer satisfaction.


1. Reduces customer traffic

With Wavetec’s efficient  Mobile-Q system, customers do not end up in long waiting lines hindering shop queue management.

2. Saves time efficiently

The time spent in a hassled queue can be saved to do productive tasks or simply, rest.

3. Allows multitasking

Sign up for an appointment while having breakfast or on the way to the outlet. Queue on the go!

4. Manages small outlets effectively

Preferring a spacious branch miles away just to avoid traffic is no longer needed. The nearest branch doesn’t stink with a long queue anymore!

5. Reduces energy consumption

Conserving electricity by cutting off the expenses of lighting and ACs in the waiting area is why Mobile-Q is the optimum virtual queuing system.

6. Avoids wait-induced frustration

Clients are stress-free. An electronic queuing system improves the social environment and customer experience.

7. Checks queue status

To improve the customer flow, Mobile-Q allows customers to measure queue time and check queue status. Customers can choose what time they would like to enter the queue, can view how many people are waiting before them, and receive an estimated wait time.

8. Customer Feedback System

With an advanced customer feedback system, customer experiences can be rated to optimize service quality.

“We’ve all had to wait in long, unmoving lines that make us feel frustrated and hopeless,” said Tobias Bessone, Deputy CEO at Wavetec. “Mobile-Q makes the process a lot more bearable by empowering the people waiting in queues because they don’t have to be physically there to hold their places. This not only saves time for customers but enables businesses to provide superior customer service.”

What makes Wavetec’s Mobile-Q different from other virtual queue management applications is its ability to integrate with existing services by embedding them into other applications and using an API.

Empower your Customers with Wavetec’s Mobile-Q system!


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