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How Virtual Queuing Increases Profitability

A survey by supermarket news reported an overwhelming majority of 77% of shoppers were unsatisfied with the length of lines and wait times. Nowadays, individuals are looking to boost their productivity and want a quick and easy fix to minimize queues.

This blog discusses the most concrete solution to avoid long checkout lines, which can easily influence a customer’s decision to shop from your store. 40% of customers change their preferred shopping store based on wait times. See the competition?

Keeping this in mind, many retail, banking or healthcare industries have invested heavily in virtual queueing. With virtual queuing, your customers can reserve spots in virtual lines remotely and check-in without the need to be present in-store.

Let’s learn how to use virtual queuing to increase profitability.

8 Ways to Achieve a High ROI Using a Queue Management System

Reduced wait times

Prior to the visit, the queue online system allows customers to wait in line from anywhere in the world without visiting the facility. If you invest in Wavetec’s Enterprise Queue Management System, customers can check in or book visits using the Smart Online Appointment Booking Software. Customers are notified, reminded of their appointment details, and updated with the queue status. All this is done by SMS, Email or WhatsApp. 

One of the most effective ways to reduce waiting times and enhance customer satisfaction is by providing opportunities for customers to reallocate their time to other tasks. By allowing customers to engage in other activities instead of waiting in line, businesses can significantly minimize queuing anxiety and create a more positive shopping experience.

Improved operational efficiency

Since the virtual queuing system assigns a unique ticket number to customers and keeps them updated with their turn, there are fewer chances of overbooking and overcrowding at the facility. For example, in restaurants, you can notify customers when their table is ready. Meanwhile, the staff can prepare their table and food.

Virtual queuing helps you reallocate your staff members to help out customers. Additionally, the space used for queuing can be used for extra seating in a restaurant or displaying items in a retail store. This results in higher revenue generation and returns on investments.

Data collection and analysis

Wavetec has paired the virtual queuing system with an advanced Spectra Queue Management Software to help you transform the consumer journey. 

This software integrates and allows a centralized control of multiple software. These include Online appointment booking & Scheduling, Virtual Queuing, Mobile Queuing, WhatsApp Queuing, Web Ticketing, SMS Tickets and Customer Feedback. 

Since the program handles wait times and creates a communication channel with the customers, it also collects data on consumer behaviour. The software can track how long customers stay in the virtual queue, which services or products interest them, and how they interact with the system. 

This data can further help businesses understand customer preferences, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve their operations and increase profitability.

Upselling and cross-selling opportunities

While customers wait in the virtual queue, businesses can utilize the system to present additional products or services, offer targeted promotions, or showcase relevant upsell or cross-sell suggestions. This approach can increase sales and revenue by leveraging customers’ interests and preferences. 

Virtual queuing software is a strategic tool to engage customers, enhance the overall customer experience and maximize revenue potential. It is similar to having a virtual salesperson who can proactively provide customers personalized recommendations while waiting in the queue.

Automate the customer journey

A typical customer journey is mapped pre-arrival until after the customer has left the facility. Pre-arrival, virtual ticketing and queuing allow customers to easily reserve a spot in the queue via websites and mobile applications. This reduces customers’ anxiety levels and saves them from unnecessary frustration. 

Virtual queueing is equally important in the second phase of the consumer journey. The software gives updates and notifications to customers about the queue, estimated service time, and any changes in the queue status. It plays a huge role in informing customers when their visit is due and saves a staff member’s duty from calling each customer back and forth.

Once the customers complete the visit, virtual queueing is helpful in automatically ending and recording customer feedback. Virtual queuing is equipped with software that tracks the consumer’s interactions with your brand, the number of customers served, average wait times and peak hours.   

Trimming Operational Costs

Businesses can reduce the need for physical queue management resources such as ropes, barriers, and employees by eliminating actual queues. Virtual queuing can also assist companies optimize employee scheduling by allocating tasks based on the real-time demand data provided by the queue management system. 

This can prevent overstaffing during low-demand periods and understaffing during peak hours, resulting in more efficient workforce management and cost savings. 

Furthermore, virtual queuing systems can collect customer preferences and service history data. This offers useful insights for organizations to optimize operations, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to save operational expenses.

Improved brand reputation

Shorter wait times with virtual queuing and a convenient customer experience is key to attracting and retaining customers. Investing in a high quality of queue management service leads to consumers visiting your brand repeatedly.  

Since your customers trust your virtual queuing prompt service, they go on and talk about it with friends and family. Besides this, the use of social media plays an important role in branding when customers tend to have positive reviews online. 

Ensuring that consumers do not have unfavourable experiences to share is important in building a brand image. This proactive approach to customer service is beneficial in keeping you ahead in the market.

Increased customer satisfaction

If you check all the boxes of valuing a customer’s time and experience with your brand, you have automatically qualified as a reliable company for the customers. 

Understanding the importance of communication with your customers is visible when engagement levels go up. Customers enjoy personalized experiences with virtual queuing. This is a win-win situation for both, the brands and the customers.

Case Studies

We now explore two case studies to better understand the application of virtual queuing in different industries. 

Wavetec Transforms Customer Journey At DMV Stations In Tennessee

Wavetec is globally known for providing a queue management solution, which partnered with the Department of motor vehicles to improve wait times. 

Wavetec solutions allowed citizens to obtain a ticket in advance to join the queue at their nearest DMV station. This could be done through Web Ticketing Module available on the DMV website or by reserving a ticket by calling the DMV’s hotline, which employs IVR technology to assign a ticket automatically. Walk-in customers could use the self-service kiosks to obtain tickets. 

Customers received an SMS for ticket reservations. This resulted in a 20% reduction in customer wait times and smoother operations for the department.  

Workforce Santa Cruz County

Workforce Santa Cruz County faced challenges with controlling high traffic volumes and visitors at the office. For this purpose, the County signed up for Wavetec’s WhatsApp Queuing and Virtual Queuing Solution

Clients could join digital queues using mobile phones, engage in contact-free solutions and receive updates on wait time. Visitors had time to enjoy activities at the Boardwalk while waiting. This greatly improved staff productivity. With real-time analytics, the County gained insights into visitor behavior, preferences, and extended services they sought.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can virtual queuing increase revenue?

Virtual queuing improves revenue by reducing wait times, enhancing satisfaction, and boosting efficiency. Digital queues increase convenience and foster customer loyalty, while also providing valuable data for resource allocation and targeted promotions. Ultimately, enhancing customer experience through virtual queuing can positively impact your business’s ROI.

How does virtual queuing improve customer loyalty?

Virtual queuing improves customer loyalty by giving customers more control over their time and reducing anxiety associated with waiting in line. With online check-in, appointments, and virtual queue spots, customers feel they have more control over the situation, which leads to a more positive experience. By providing this level of convenience, businesses can attract and retain loyal customers, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

Can virtual queuing improve brand reputation?

Virtual queuing can improve brand reputation by improving consumer satisfaction and generating positive word-of-mouth marketing from happy customers. With the help of virtual queuing, businesses can collect feedback and data on consumer behavior to ensure a positive experience. By demonstrating a dedication to improving customer experience, virtual queuing can speak well of the company and improve its reputation.


To wrap up, virtual queuing is a smart one-in-all answer to businesses looking to streamline the crowd control. For a company, virtual queuing automates the customer journey, collects valuable data, and helps it reduce administrative costs. Your customers enjoy the convenience with free time and a personalized experience.

Now that you are familiar with how virtual queuing works, it is time to say goodbye to long queues and hello to happy customers!

Contact us, and we will help you improve virtual management strategies and deliver exceptional customer service today!


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