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Top Industries that can Benefit from a Queuing Solution

In a fast-paced era, businesses cannot expect customers to stay associated with their services for a longer time. 73% of the customers abandon a service if they had to wait for more than 5 minutes.
Almost every industry today requires a streamlined queue management system to ensure fast-moving queues for shoppers. As it is directly related to the customer satisfaction level with the service quality.

This blog will highlight a few core areas that must adopt digital queuing solutions to deliver optimal customer experience solutions.

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Areas that can Benefit from the Queue Management System

Retailers bear up to £12 billion costs each year due to long queues resulting in a loss of potential sales. The reason is the frustration and waiting time a customer has to go through. To efficiently utilize a customer’s time, some of the businesses recently placed digital signages and interactive displays at different customer touchpoints.

A well-planned queue management system consists of advanced solutions. It also intends to engage a customer and make their buying journey exciting. Regardless of the industry, it is very important to offer optimized solutions to the customers.

Not only does it benefit the customers, but also businesses gain multiple benefits from the queue management systems. With the help of digital signages and notifications to customers during their wait times, a lot of businesses perform cross-selling activities.

It instantly helps them to track staff efficiency and productivity as well. Along with the analytical dashboards, you gain a competitive edge in collecting data and planning according to the expected footfall for the future.

Let’s now talk about the leading industries that must adopt queue management systems.

Smart Queue Management System in Restaurants and Food Industry

Smart queue management systems are essential for almost all the major industries. But, for some industries, long queues might cost a little more.

Visiting a restaurant is a sign of our hunger. And who likes to wait when hungry? long waiting time just increases our frustration. On average Americans spend around 37 billion hours waiting in line each year. Sounds absurd, right?

If you are running a restaurant or a part of the food industry, you simply cannot expect a customer to leave a good review for you after waiting for hours.

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Here’s what a virtual queue management system can do for the food industry:

  • Increase Business ROI: Holding on to a number of staff not only costs you extra but also is difficult to manage. Over-staffing results in a number of issues for a business. An efficient queuing system helps you save some extra costs.Also, gives an opportunity to the business to cross-sell other food items while a customer waits for his/her turn.
  • Reduced Walkaways with Improved Client Communication: Think of walking in a restaurant with a long line, there are high chances that you would change your decision to dine in there. Nearly a third of customers wait more than 30 minutes in a restaurant. But it does not increase the walkaways as much as seeing a long queue does. For that, virtual queuing acts as a savior to manage customer flow. Allow customers to sign in online, or at an in-person kiosk and keep your eatery secure from long waiting lines. This not only reduces wait times but also allows customers to plan their visit accordingly, making their overall experience more convenient and time-efficient.
  • Gain Insights into Valuable Marketing Data: With Wavetec’s queuing systems, you are able to check what customers prefer to have at your restaurant. The decision-making and preferences of your potential customers help to forecast sales and plan marketing campaigns.

WhatsApp Queue Management System Benefits in Healthcare

Low patient wait times add to the visitor’s satisfaction. Hospitals are mostly crowded 24/7. Dealing with the patients at rush hours is critical for the doctors and hospital staff.

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A queue management software for healthcare benefits in the following ways:

  • Touchless Service for Patients: Contagious diseases have high chance of spreading around. You would never want to let a patient suffer for someone else’s sickness. With virtual queuing systems, they all can avoid congestion and crowd near the reception.
  • A Quality Patient Experience: An average wait time for a customer lies somewhere between 18 to 30 minutes. But letting your patient know how long he has to wait further contributes to lower frustration.A digital monitor in a waiting area not only keeps your customer informed but you may also engage them with informative videos.
  • Maintain your Clinic’s Reputation: Hospitals and clinics with five-star ratings have 20 minutes lesser waiting time than that of a 1-star rating healthcare service provider.Offering a next-level and convenient patient management solution is challenging. But WhatsApp queuing solution is an advanced solution to elevate a patient’s experience furthermore.When patients scan a QR code in a clinic, chatbot communication allows them to choose a service they are willing to avail. They will also be able to generate the ticket and check the estimated wait time.

Advantages of Virtual Queueing System in Financial Sectors

Digital banking solutions have transformed the expectations of customers. The majority of bank visitors now prefer to use self-service contactless opportunities.

Considering the health safety after Covid’19 and the time-saving perspective, people choose banks with digitized banking services and solutions.

The advantages of queue management software in the financial sector are:

  • Seamless Online Appointment Scheduling: Offer a socially distanced solution to your customers with an opportunity to choose the branch and service of their choice.It also comes with features including booking, rescheduling, and cancellation of service anytime.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: The digital queue system for banks asks for customer feedback after the service. It becomes a lot easier to track your customer experience. Bank management benefits greatly from real-time customer feedback.With a greater service provision customer experience with banks increases by a significant number.Optimiza el Cuidado min
  • Higher Staff Productivity: Bank staff often deals with extensive work pressure due to the increased number of customers. The queue management system in a bank lets the staff plan their workflow and deliver tasks within the given time.With an intelligent queue management system for banks, it is possible to boost staff productivity by 90%

Improvisation of Services in Government Offices with a Smart Queuing System

One of the most struggling sectors in terms of customer flow management is the public sector. One must plan a whole day to visit a Government office. Virtual queuing system can improvise government services in various ways:

  • Lower Operational Costs: The manual check-in process is tiring for both the service providers and visitors. automating the check-in system saves the cost and time of the staff. Even it allows the visitor to cancel an appointment with the queue management solution
  • Timely Communication: For a long time, Government sectors receive complaints of not informing the updates to the visitor on time. Whether it is about the average service time, working hours, or changes in services, clear communication has been an issue.
  • Timely Communication
  • For the Government sectors, the WhatsApp appointment and queuing system lets you communicate important updates over SMS on time.
  • Secure Customer Database: Public sectors deal with the sensitive data of the citizens. Compromising data security is not an option. Thus, the queue management system secures customer data with encrypted communication and regular penetration testing.

Have you Implemented the Efficient Queue Management Solution at your Organization yet?

Evolving a customer journey is a prerequisite to a business’s success. The service delivery methods are transforming overnight. Customers’ expectations also raise with the rapid innovations taking place worldwide.

To meet the needs of businesses as well as your customers, it is high time to adopt advanced queuing solutions for smooth service delivery and increased ROI.

Step ahead in a competing industry with an advanced digitized solution and drive revenue, increase engagement, and deliver a remarkable customer experience.


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