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Lobby Leader: Queue Management Software for Better Customer Journeys

In this blog: We take a look at Wavetec’s Lobby Leader queue management software, its features and how they contribute to a better user journey

Lobby Leader is a state of the art software designed specifically to manage customer flow via queueing workflows. Wavetec designed this lobby management software keeping in mind the ticket issuer and holder both. With over 3 decades of experience in this industry, Lobby Leader is the most well thought out queuing software there is.

lobby leader queue management


Lets take a look at some of its features and discuss why and how this revolutionizes queue management and customer journeys.

Customer Journeys

We start with customer journeys because that is the most vital thing to understand; how customers are interacting with your service area within your retail outlets, branches or service centers. Lobby leader helps businesses manage and optimize these journeys using intelligent algorithms that determine the best course of action when there are multiple people in a queue.

customers patiently waiting


This, in turn, saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent waiting and saves the business a lot of money by decreasing customer service times and therefore increasing the total number of customers that go through the branch everyday. This drives up revenues and customer satisfaction significantly.

Customer Data

Lobby leader records and keeps a log of relevant customer data for trend analysis. This gives the business good actionable data to make well informed, data-driven decisions. This data can help businesses make decisions related to product & service offerings, profitability and resource allocation.

Multiple Queueing Channels

If your business has embraced digital transformation, chances are your stores probably offer customers multiple different ways to queue up such as physical ticket, web queuing, mobile queuing and even WhatsApp queuing more recently.

Lobby leader possesses the ability to integrate all your existing channels for customer flow management and unify all available data and lobby management controls in one place. It works especially well with Wavetec’s endless catalogue of customer flow management solutions. Lobby leader displays all open tickets and their stage in the journey while also displaying how the ticket was created.

Queueing Channels


Digital signage integration is another stellar feature offered by Lobby Leader. By integrating with existing digital signage around the service area, Lobby Leader can display the status of each ticket periodically on the displays while updating details in real time so that customers stay informed.

Performance Monitoring

Lobby Leader connects all your deployments of queue management systems across your network of retail outlets and records all the data in one place making it easy to go through data and monitor performance of each branch and each channel of service provision. By doing this, businesses can assess performance and make changes to their strategy on the fly.

Custom Dashboards

Not only does Lobby Leader collect real time performance data, but it also has easy to interpret visual dashboards for customers, queues, tickets, etc. This makes it incredibly easy to view performance data at a glance. If the existing dashboards don’t meet your needs, users can configure custom dashboards based on their requirements.

Custom Dashboards


These dashboards display important branch performance stats after collecting and interpreting data in easy to view graphs and charts. This includes data such as:

  • Waiting time
  • Service time
  • Active counters
  • Clients in queue
  • Clients served

Smart Lobby Visitor Management

Besides the basic visitor management features, Lobby Leader also has a lot of advanced capability that not many are currently offering. Lobby visitor management is able to handle advanced processing protocols like transferring customers and services, issuing dynamic tickets for multiple services, adding notes before transferring customers, serving customers based on historical data and much more.

lobby leader smart features


If you’re intrigued by the endless benefits of deploying an enterprise queueing solution powered by a smart visitor management software like Lobby Leader, connect with our sales team today to configure a solution tailor made for you!

queue management system


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